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Simply bring yourself with meekness before God will more than worrying or being too religious. The silence is very important. Even when you can not find absolute silence, you can try to let others lead the conversation. There is not best way to mitigate the natural strength of your old nature that silencing it Save your tongue As you become more aware of the presence of God within you, you will see how He is able to keep your words, your thoughts, and your wishes at bay. All this work happens slowly, so be patient with you as well as with others.


Try to practice silence as much as politeness allows. The silence encourages the presence of God, avoids sharp words, and makes you What less stores to say something that you regret. The silence It also helps to put a space between you and the world. Of silence what you cultivate, the strength that your needs demand will arise.
No matter how much you cultivate silence, there will still be many cumbersome situations in which you will be immersed against your own will. God knows you want to have a lot of time to pray, but He allows Be surrounded by things that seem to avoid prayer.
Learn to love the will of God more than the sweetness of the prayer that you choose. You know very well that you do not need to pray locked up in your room to love God. When He gives you time, use it to pray. When there is no time, be equally satisfied. Elevate your spirit to Him without making any external sign. Speak only when it is necessary. Withstand the toughest things that come across in your life. You need more to deny yourself that you acquire more light. Be faithful in keeping silence and God will keep you from evil when you speak. Accept what God chooses for you. This is more important than that you choose for yourself, because you tend too much yourself. Give yourself to God day after day. He takes you in His arms as a mother carries her child.
Believe, wait, and love like a child. Look with love and trust to your heavenly Father.

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Silence in many aspects is important, for example the wise man in antiquity kept prudence through silence when it was not appropriate and as you say @yridelys silence fosters the presence of God, avoids cutting words and makes you What less It allows you to say something of what you regret.
Thanks for sharing.