Breaking all chains

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When we accept Christ we are made free from the bondage of sin and the sinful life that we had until that moment. To be free from the chains of sin is the most beautiful thing that exists in this life, in the moment that Jesus forgives us we feel in our interior a liberation that we feel as our life has changed. This is when we have a genuine encounter with Our Savior.


But how sad it is to find people who do not yet know Jesus and are chained to a life of sin, and even more sad to find "Christian" people who are bound to sin even though Jesus has set them free.

That is why at this time we want to focus on a topic that has the name: BREAKING CHAINS because we believe in what God's Word says: "If the Son will free you, you will be truly Free."


  1. When in your heart you do not allow Jesus to rule.

  2. When there is a lack of forgiveness in your life.

  3. When there are areas in your life that are affecting your communion with God and you do not give them to Him.

  4. When an authority of ours said a Word that harms us and instead of going to Jesus we let the enemy deceive us with thoughts of resentment towards that authority.

  5. etc, etc.


  1. The Bible says that "so if any one is in Christ, the New Creature is the old things passed away, behold, they are all made new." This means that a person who has been set free by Christ must show a new life, this is through his TESTIMONY. Then a person who has bad testimony of the outsiders may be tied to a mediocre life that does not show a life transformed by God.

  2. A person bound to sin is a person who blames all their failures on their leaders, pastors or family. It is a person who does not find an outlet for their ties is the way to excuse themselves in others: "Because of my Leader," "For the Fault of my Pastor," "For my parents who do not let me serve freely" etc etc.

  3. A chained or bound person is a person who does not rejoice in Praise or the Word, but his heart is bound. This leads him to judge or criticize either those who lead the praise or who is preaching the Word.

  4. Likewise we can give many characteristics of a person who is chained or bound, who can not be free to praise, worship or serve the Lord.


  1. You have to recognize that you are tied.

  2. You have to decide to break those chains and forget about them forever.

  3. You have to renounce all human attempts to get ahead and allow Jesus to be the one to take you forward.

  4. You have to give yourself completely to Him and have a communion that really pleases the Lord.

  5. You have to have a continuous life of Praise and Worship to the Lord and that not only are seasons that we give Him.

  6. You have to believe that He has made you FREE.

In order to be free from any chain that binds you, you must surrender to Jesus completely, remember that He has called you to be Free. Do not let the enemy take away the freedom that Jesus gave you on the day you surrendered to Him, and If you have not given yourself to Him yet, this is the moment you can do it, He is with open arms waiting for you and wanting to give you ETERNAL life.

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@yridelys "So, if the Son will free you, you will be truly free." Jesus made us free from the bondage of sin.
Thanks for sharing