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Venezuela is experiencing one of the worst crises in its history: politics, social, and one of the highest costs, is the human, in this case the lives of children that in a situation of disease as hard as cancer is, they are in need of suffering in their food, hygiene and basic necessities.

From @sc-v, we are doing everything in our power to encourage all those people, companies or Christian ministries, to have a social commitment, with the most affected, the loss of health is invaluable.

We can bring food, breakfast to the children who are hospitalized in the hospital, but there is a condition beyond the feeding.

There is a relevant issue and that is the blood chemistry exams, the laboratories are not working, and any tests that must be done by children must be done in the private area, a mother or family representative does not have the resources to carry out this difficult task. Even when there are many organizations and people that collaborate, it is not enough.
Patients with complicated pathologies that must be examined frequently.

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Many people agree to bring cooked food, because the physical dining room should be restored in its entirety, with primary attention, nutritional guidelines for these special children. It is in process, to make a commission composed of foundations, directors , association of parents and representatives to carry out this task.

It is very difficult to maintain hygiene is the main structure of the hospital, we are told by the person in charge of cleaning that there is no mutual collaboration, we imagine that there are also scarce cleaning products and garbage bags, it is very sad to observe how this can happen type of situations.

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It hurts a lot to see human beings suffer so many limitations, you need to create awareness in people, there is a huge social work to do in our country, you need men, women, with common sense and love for the people who sow that sense of belonging , to live with dignity, we must renew our thoughts.

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The community projects must be based on tangible things, which can see the result in the short, medium, and long term, it is about mentality, many confused people, as Jesus said, the harvest is great and the workers are few.
Normally when we acquire an article, this brings its user manual, I believe that Venezuela needs people to serve as support for the use of everything we have, everyone must assume their social responsibility in their community, in their work, regardless of the circumstances. .

We will place our scoop with cleaning supplies and garbage bags, I think our children deserve a more pleasant place to be, it is also necessary to make educational talks about the preservation and maintenance of public places.

Waiting for our next visit, breakfast is better!
Pray that God will pour out of his grace in our nation, and pass on his divine mantle for the lives of those angels who suffer disease in their bodies.

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Whatsapp: +584265810831

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Pray without ceasing, at the hand of God @darlenys01 we can change history, there is no other way.

How unfortunate that the hospital is like that, there will soon be an overflow in Venezuela and all this will change. I will be praying for the children, for God to pass his healing hand over them, blessings, sister.

Thanks you very much Sister Darlenys01, as I have been always saying, your presence here have been a blessing for these children who are suffering. Having seen the varieties of food that you have offered for these children, in fact I am very astonished, and we all have to learn from you so that we can have that kind of good heart to pursue charity work. i personally is in supportive of everything that you doing here and I think my good Parishioners in steemchurch are also in support to raise the standard of living of these young ones. God richly bless you for the sacrifices, amen!

Amen, thank you for always being there supporting this work, it is incredible to see that God connects hearts no matter the distance, the prayer of the righteous can very much, and I am very grateful my brother with his level of support, that speaks of fidelity to God, in Some time he will pick up those peaceful fruits of his justice.

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God restore Venezuela, and the children are healthy by the power of the blood of Jesus.

It is a difficult task but not impossible, we can not stop. Thanks @darlenys01 for this initiative, although we know that you have been affected by this, we ask God to renew your strength.

@Sc-v remains a model in Christian charity on the blockchain. God bless the entire team for being aconsolation to Venesuela

God bless @Sc-v for this great gesture to humanity. The love of Christ will spread more in the land

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We all have something to change if we want our country to be restored, we pray for the liberation of our minds, and our people.

This is a generation that cries out to God with urgency, we need a divine intervention in Venezuela, only the hand of the powerful God will bring an answer.

This work is not easy, and sometimes we lack the strength to do it, but we are warriors of God who must raise the sword of Christ.

It is sad and it is cruel, and sometimes it seems unfair, but we can not remain crying with crossed hands, the call is to action. God in your hands we are!

I know what it feels like @darlenys01, my work is in a hospital center, sometimes, only slaughtering can express better than words.

It is time to cry out and act for the children of Venezuela.

We will raise our eyes to the mountains .. where will our help come from?

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It is very sad @darlenys01 this condition, but we can not lose hope, God help us overcome all obstacles as a great nation.

God bless this program that God put in your hands sc-v, as I said and I repeat, it is still that conservative mineral that many lives like that need.
and remember this phrase always,
even if the world turns you into dust, from that same dust God is going to make a sculpture
God bless you.

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