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Bless, my soul, to Jehovah,
And bless my whole being, your holy name.
Bless, my soul to Jehovah,
And do not forget any of its benefits.
Psalm 103: 1-2


How else can we show our love and gratitude to our Lord and God, if not by praising him, blessing him and serving our neighbor? Since the beginning of this week I already had an idea that I wanted to do a devotional about the service, because sometimes I felt uneasy thinking that maybe what I do for the work of the Lord, is not enough and I would like to do much more; However, the Lord has given me peace with this issue, because it has made me understand that what matters in life is not the amount of what you do or what you give, but the quality and that I feel that what I do seems little if we see it as an individual and personal contribution, it can really be a lot if we look at it from a collective point of view, that is, I am not alone and that I am part of a huge family, each contributing its bit, according to his talents and possibilities and for the Lord, there are no masters and servants, but only servants and what really values ​​is our fidelity, our perseverance and perseverance and if we are faithful in the little, Jesus promises that it will give us greater responsibilities and will put on something bigger.

But my intention changed this morning because while last night I tried to fall asleep in the middle of a strong storm, of those that illuminate your room with each lightning and then you hear the thunderous noise of a lightning falling nearby and knowing that only the night before and in That same moment they were making earthquakes with several replicas in other cities of Venezuela, very close to where we live, I thought that before I loved the rain and falling asleep while it rained, but now that same rain brings so many misfortunes, pain and losses, the only thing What I could do was start praying for all these people and people and I remembered that we have also experienced several earthquakes and how the Lord protected us, was faithful and has always kept us; I kept remembering all the blessings and promises that God has given us and in my personal life I have fulfilled and suddenly I do not know if the storm and the rain passed or if I just did not listen to them anymore, because in me it began to flow like rivers of living water and I only remember that my eyes filled with tears and I began to thank and praise God, while expressing my deepest feelings and thoughts of love and need of Him; I was totally focused on Jesus and his presence, I do not remember when I fell asleep.

This morning when I woke up I was still filled with this beautiful feeling and all I want in this message is to tell you never to doubt the love and promises of God, because He is not a man to lie, nor a son of man to repent and Regardless of time, He is Faithful and always keeps His promises, to give us the end we expect; Our part is to be faithful, serve and obey Him. In my car I have a sheet with the picture of an eagle and the promise of God: "But those who wait for Jehovah will have new strength; they will raise wings like eagles; they will run and they will not get tired; walk and not be weary "(Isaiah 40:31) and my room is full of written promises, wherever I look, there are beautiful verses that remind me who I am and who is the one who cares for me and loves me and these words are the Bread that feeds my soul and helps me in moments of sadness, fear, danger, indecision and even give me strength many times to wait and keep waiting.

Learning to wait is not easy, but how much blessing it brings! It is like the fire that proves our faith and helps us to grow, to believe and to trust every day more in our Lord and Savior and with time - to wait in Him - it begins to be as easy as breathing. My work may seem simple, but if I achieve that at least one, yes, a person changes his life and surrenders at the feet of Jesus, learn to obey His Word and wait on Him, my mission will be fulfilled, because the kingdom of God it has a multiplying effect, if I change and I make someone change, that person will then have another change (s) and in the end we were all called and chosen.

So Be faithful, do not give up, persist, wait and He will do it according to his perfect will. My personal feeling today is to end with other verses of Psalm 103, not without first saying to My Lord: Lord. Thank you for your love, your blessings, your care and the fulfillment of your promises in my life. I LOVE YOU.

He is the one who forgives all your iniquities.
He who heals all your ailments;
The one who rescues your life from the hole,
The one who crowns you with favors and mercies;
The one that satisfies your mouth well
So that you rejuvenate yourself like the eagle.
Jehovah is the one who does justice
And right to all those who suffer violence.
His ways I notified Moses,
And to the children of Israel their works.
Merciful and gracious is Jehovah;
Slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy.
It will not run forever,
He will not keep his anger forever.
He has not done to us according to our iniquities,
He has not paid us according to our sins.
For as the height of the heavens above the earth,
He magnified his mercy on those who fear him.
How far east is from the west,
He made our rebellions far from us.
As the father feels compassion for the children,
The Lord is moved with compassion for those who fear him.
Because he knows our condition;
He remembers that we are dust.
Psalm 103: 3-14

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Just praise him @ricci01, that's what our God deserves, praise, adoration, our soul must surrender, he must bless, he who gave everything for love, Jesus!