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“Behold, we tied bundles in the middle of the field, and my bunch rose and was straight, and your bundles were around and bowed to mine. Behold, I have dreamed another dream: the sun and the moon and eleven stars bowed before me. ”


There are two types of people: those who dream and those who hate those who dream.

Joseph before Pharaoh was number 2 but how he handled food was number 1. The gift takes you to the top (Joseph's gift was to interpret dreams) but it is the character that keeps you there.

Joseph was the one who was going to fulfill God's dream, because he was well connected; Although none of his family believed in him, he was to become the most important person in one of the world's greatest empires.

Everything was going to revolve around the decisions he made.

To live a fruitful life we ​​must think about who we are going to put on the axis every day. What does this mean? It has to do with the things or people that occupy the center of your life. For example: Joseph because of his dreams was sold by his brothers; in Egypt he fell unjustly imprisoned, and there in jail he interprets the dream of the cupbearer, now the axis of Joseph's life is the cupbearer, who asked him to speak to him about Pharaoh; but the cupbearer forgot about it.

The rabbis say that a prisoner who left prison will never ask the king for anything from a stranger, from someone who interpreted a dream; but after a while Pharaoh dreamed of cows and spikes.

Let's look at how interesting this is, because if José was released quickly he was going to be a former criminal, he was going to be marked; but two years passed, and the encounter between José and Pharaoh takes place, because no fortune teller from all his empire could interpret his dream, that is, José was not another option, IT WAS THE ONLY OPTION THAT Pharaoh HAD, then Pharaoh tells him: "I dreamed about the cows and the ears and they told me that you will be able to help me" but José said:

Pharaoh: "God will be your axis and he will tell us how to interpret it."

God is our axis, if we put him, in the center we will be truly happy, unimaginable things will be released in our lives; because he already had someone very special to bless us.

José had to go through a process to be trained (13 years). For God, blessings are no problem, he gives them to you and that's it, but he wants you to form a character.

The first place where God meets you is at the well

When you die to people, there you become disillusioned, the people you thought were going to help you don't help you; The one that had to take care of you is not there. It is the place where you don't expect anything from anyone. People put a price on you, so you asked: what do you think, how did I do it? And there they belittled you.

If you put the people around you on the axis of your life, then great disappointments await you.

The second meeting place is in a house

They bought it from Joseph as a slave and it was at Potiphar, Pharaoh's officer; there everything prospered "José was the lucky boy"; the owner did not worry about anything, because the presence of a child of God brought prosperity to the house.

God takes you to the house of abundance and everything you touch will multiply.

In the house I was going to learn to have integrity, because there Jose could steal something, in the house there is beauty; God is going to prove your sexual integrity. Potiphar's wife tempted him, but Joseph said "I will not sin against my God"; for the woman "it was a little more pleasure", but sometimes we don't do badly because of morals, because of culture, we say: "in my family this is wrong" or "for society is wrong"; or legal evil: "I do not do it because if I do not go prisoner."

But Joseph saw "spiritual evil," he said: "I have a covenant with God."

Therefore: "If I go out with God, I will end up in the palace!"

Third meeting place is in jail

Potiphar could have made him kill Joseph, but he did not do so because deep down he doubted his wife. The prison represents: injustices (because it remained in integrity of character) when you cannot move. It is there where God is going to form your humility, you will grow up learning.

Joseph's destiny was the palace. They changed their name, "Safnat Panea" means: prophet, interpreter, seer, wise, redeemer. He who knows what another does not know.

José became the owner of the well, the house of Potiphar and the prison. Because; everything that governed you will end up under your feet, and for moments of scarcity, you have to have the Word stored in your heart, which is what will feed you and the crowds.

If your axis is the Lord, those who hated you will see you so changed, that they will not be able to recognize you, and you will be able to see with your eyes that those who threw you into the well remain the same. The price they did not give you before, they will give it to you again, for the true value you have now!



The purpose of God will always be an option in whatever circumstance you encounter and Joseph was an example of this, for no one can kill someone with a glorious destiny of God.
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