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Admitting that you are weak is what really makes you strong

appearances that deceiveI have long known a girl who is a little particular, dressed, made up and painted with exaggeratedly striking colors, phosphorescent green, electric blue, red, fuchsia, orange, etc. She was always loud, she spoke with a very loud voice, she was spontaneous, she was never ashamed. I thought he was a person with great security, because outwardly I saw that he did not have any filter and he was always very comfortable because of how he was, or that was what his appearance made me understand.


One day he invited me to have a coffee, without me insisting, he began to show me what he kept in his heart: "my mom was very abusive to me, when she disciplined me she beat me so much that she even made me bleed, she also mistreated me a lot verbally and 13 years I began to take to avoid my pain, that's why I have a lot of resentment against my mother, then I started working in a fast food chain, sometimes I had night shifts and when I returned my mom beat me because I thought she was prostituting me , my parents constantly called me a prostitute when I really was not, besides that I was bulimic and had many disorders, sometimes I feel very lonely and even my past hurts me ", at that moment I understood that this way of being so extravagant was only a shell that she used to hide all her insecurities, she really was not a very sure person, on the contrary she was so insecure that she needed to constantly attract attention. How many times have we judged others for what they appear to be? Just as those who appear to be strong on the outside are sometimes weak, so too those who appear to be weak are often stronger than we think. And, to shame the wise, God has chosen those that the world considers fools; and to shame the strong, he has chosen those whom the world considers weak. 1 Corinthians 1:27 DHH. Do not hurry to call weak or foolish by looking for what you see, lest God shame you, for we judge according to appearances but God judges from the heart.

So also, we must qualify from the outside, because many times many fabrications are made to hide what torments and embarrasses them, and even we often fall into this.

We should not be ashamed of our weaknesses because they make us depend more on God, so leave the external facades, what is the use of pretending to be a good husband and father, loving and attentive, when behind closed doors you are an abusive and tyrant with your wife And children? What is the use of pretending to be a selfless wife if you go to bed with anybody? Are you a young man who works in the church during the day but a partier at night? Are not you afraid to say what you think? Do not dress like you do or really want to cover up your insecurities? Do you greet everyone with kisses and hugs but when you leave you talk behind their backs? Do you see yourself in the mirror and what you see is really the reflection of who you are? You can hide what you really are, and you can even fool yourself, but you can not cheat God. David made many mistakes, adultery, murder, deceit, but still always found favor with God, why? Because he admitted his faults before God, with a humble and sincere heart he repented, but in order to repent, we must first accept the failure. But I confessed my sin to you, and I did not hide my wickedness from you. I said to myself, "I am going to confess my transgressions to the Lord," and you forgave my sin and my sin. Selah Psalm 32: 5.

What is the purpose of confessing sin before God? Is it part of a tradition with which you will automatically be free from guilt? No, the goal is to internalize the fault and understand that we are imperfect beings who need God's help to avoid falling into the seductions that are presented to us on a daily basis.

I invite you to take off your disguise today, do not be ashamed of your secret, be ashamed to have it undercover, we all make mistakes, we have all done something that in the eyes of God is not right, Moses murdered an Egyptian, David He committed adultery, Peter denied Jesus, Paul persecuted and murdered many Christians, Jonah fled not to obey God, all suffered the consequences of his actions, it is true, but God in his mercy forgave them. Do you think that is not the same God today? Can not he forgive you, too? Do not believe that you are less than others because of your weaknesses, that is a lie that Satan wants you to believe to avoid your healing.

The High and Majestic who lives in eternity, the Holy One, says: I live in the high and holy place with those of repentant and humble spirit. I restore the broken spirit of the humble and rekindle the courage of those who have a repentant heart. Isaiah 57:15 NTV.

Keep going! Because admitting that you are weak is what really makes you strong.

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Many things are opposed to the development of our life. We can see excuses or opportunities to demonstrate something. Where the excuse becomes manifest, victories are not achieved.
Understand you will fight even with what you have, God will transform it for your glory What was a sickle will become a weapon of war.