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Revelation 19: 9. The angel said to me: «Write:« Blessed are those who have been invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb! »»


When I was little and I listened to those who ran the meetings to say that heaven would be like staying in the church singing for eternity, I wanted to scream Noooooo, please! I do not want to go to heaven! I even remember telling my mom. With much laughter, she explained that heaven was not a meeting in a temple. He told me it was better than the best birthday party I could think of and that it was full of many surprises that we could not imagine what it would be like. I kept thinking about the birthday party and I came to the conclusion that the sky was going to be fun, exciting and, of course: full of food. I recently heard a song by Steven Curtis Chapman called "Heaven on Earth" and I remembered this experience that had been recorded in my memory. When I came to the surface my idea took on a new meaning. Yes the sky is a party, on earth it must be the same and so must the church. But we look at the story and it's as if the light was cut off in the middle of the birthday. We have lost so much of that joyful spirit that God tried to impress upon his people. If we think carefully about who are going to be at the festival of heaven, it is easy to know that if we want a heaven on earth we must forgive those who do not deserve it, give comfort to those who need it and prepare food for those who need it. that are hungry To bring heaven to earth is to celebrate according to the grace of God with those whom God loves. Even Christ compared his kingdom with a wedding feast (Matthew 22: 2-4). But many times the church is more like a wake than a party. Let's change! Let us be a church that knows how to share with those who do not have, forgive those who do not deserve it and look for more reasons and ways to celebrate the love of God. Some confuse being spiritual with being boring. Both things have nothing to do with it. To be spiritual is to be full of party!

Reflection point
How to take the party to know God where they do not know him?
How can I bring heaven to my family and my friends?

Audience with the King
Dear King, thank you for the party. Thank you for the promise of heaven and because we can begin to enjoy all your blessings right here. Fill me with joy so that it can be a testimony that I really know you.



Very true @renew, to be spiritual is to be full of party! and if we have joy on earth despite the adversities how it will be in heaven where there will be no sadness or pain.
Thanks for sharing. DTB