Abigail: a Woman who Believed God

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"I'm about to faint; the pain does not leave me for a moment. I am going to confess my iniquity, because my sin distresses me. Many are my free enemies; there are many who hate me without reason "
(Psalm 38: 17-19 NIV)


Tears fell down her face, blood flowed from the deepest wound in her heart, loved without being reciprocated, surrendered her dignity and again and again she was beaten until she was totally defeated, adrift in a sea of ​​doubts and feelings full of pain and immersed in a senseless uncertainty, there she was, watching the horizon without hope, disappointed and without strength to lift the very high flight until conquering her dreams ... the reason was evident, they had been annihilated ...

Her heart was broken into a thousand pieces, there were no possibilities of life, because she had already renounced her, happiness does not exist was repeated incessantly, her chest squeezed, it contained the biggest secret, still defeated and vilely mistreated, Abigail surrendered to unhappiness, it was the only way out that apparently had this situation, because I still loved it.

Alone in her room, she screamed loudly, I can not help it anymore, take away this pain, help me, I do not want to feel alone, I need you; He directed his words to that God of whom he had heard but did not yet know, looked at the starry sky, it was night waiting for an answer to so much suffering, he did not understand why he was facing, he knew that it was not perfect, He had also made mistakes, but he did not think he deserved to live that way ...

In the midst of her loneliness with her broken soul, the strength of the Lord took possession of her, she no longer felt weak, He whispered softly in her ear, that he loved her, that he had looked away from her for a moment, but never more he would do it again, because it was important for him, his spoiled child, the light of his eyes.

"I abandoned you for a moment, but with deep compassion I will join you again. For a moment, in a fit of anger, I hid my face from you; But with eternal love I will have compassion for you, says the Lord, your Redeemer. "

(Isaiah 54: 7 - 8 NIV)

Abigail was passed through the fire of trial to be perfected in her love. God, came to her, to heal her wounds, bandage her with special care and restore her, so that she knew the meaning of true love, the one that does not fail you, that is present in good times and bad, to cheer you up, comfort you , get up, when you need it.

"He came over, healed his wounds with wine and oil, and bandaged them. Then he mounted him on his own horse, took him to a lodge and took care of him.

(Luke 10:34 NIV)

Nothing was the same again, his past was behind him, the scars were no longer bleeding, but they were there to remind him day after day, that his true love would remain at his side forever. Wondering why it was illogical, it was the for what of the things that made her smile. Abigail was another person, with a defined life project, new dreams to fulfill and a light of hope around her, her eyes could see the splendor of her glory, she had resumed the course of her life, to give herself the opportunity to forget, forgive and move towards the fulfillment of a divine purpose, designed exclusively for her.

«Before I formed you in the womb, I had already chosen you; before you were born,
I had already separated you; I had appointed you a prophet for the nations. "

(Jeremiah 1: 5 NIV)


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@renew2018, God is always willing to help us with his mercy. He is faithful and his anger is not forever. In Jesus we have hope and a new destiny. Thanks for sharing.
God bless you.