Like a Mirror

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I am grateful to God the Creator, for having given me the opportunity to know different experiences of man, recognizing that human beings are the magnificent creation of the Lord.

Nature, also God's creation, shows situations that many are unknown, for example, did you know that orangutans, chimpanzees, dolphins, elephants and humans are the only species capable of recognizing themselves in front of a mirror? The mirror is a glass surface, covered on its back by a layer of mercury or a metal plate, in which the light and the images of the objects in front are reflected. The mirror is still one of the most essential objects for humanity.

For if anyone is a hearer of the word but not a doer of it, he is similar to the man who considers his natural face in a mirror. Because he considers himself, and leaves, and then forgets what he was like. James 1: 23,24.

The issue facing the apostle James, is that it is what the man or woman sees when they put themselves in front of a mirror; If you see the man or the natural woman, you are in trouble. Taking it in the biblical sense, the mirror reflects what is really the son or daughter of God the Creator, that is, a doer of the Word of God, or only a hearer of it. It is good that the reader, son or daughter of God, make the test of looking in a mirror to answer himself, what do you see? Do you see only his natural face that has not washed or shaved ?, or do you see a man or woman consecrated to the Lord, full of grace, full of truth and love for the Lord and his fellowmen ?. If you want to know if you are a hearer or doer of the Word of God, look at yourself in the mirror and you will have the answer, unless you want to deceive yourself.

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Excellent, @mariela that's true looking in front of the mirror says a lot about us.
Thanks for sharing. God bless you.