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¨ Language can bring life or death; those who talk a lot will reap the consequences¨

Proverbs 18:21 (New Living Translation).


In our mouth we have the power to build, but also to destroy, many times we forget that small detail so important, that's why we spend it hurting others, even for a minimal comment we can damage the heart to who else do we want

"There are those who seem friends but destroy each other; the true friend remains more loyal than a brother "Proverbs 18:24 (New Living Translation).

Everyone in this life has had people we consider friends, but deep down they are more enemies than anything else, because they disguise their words with good gestures towards us, but as we turn our backs, what they do is to speak badly, criticize, and even offend and wish us wrong. There are friendships that are competitive, there is always the rivalry of who is better, or who offends more to whom, sadly they give you a smile, and say support and do nothing but become a stumbling block.

Currently, true loyalty is not put into practice, it is difficult for us to be faithful with God, with ourselves and with others; friendship is a very strong bond, in fact we come to love our friends a little more than a brother. But that loyalty consists of seeking the common good, always telling the truth with great respect, and never trying anything against that person.

"An offended friend is harder to recover than a fortified city. Disputes separate friends as a closed gate with bars. Proverbs 18:19 (New Living Translation).

How wise God is and look at the comparison he makes in his word, and it is more than true, it is difficult to trust someone who disappoints you, no matter how much time passes, there will always be an abyss that separates them but they forgive the heart, That is why we must take great care of our words, gestures and attitudes towards our friends, it is not about being hypocrites, but friendships must be taken care of.

To those who we consider true friends, we strip our soul, without masks, in front of them we show the most sincere smiles, but also the most sincere tears. Ironically, they come to know us more than our brothers or relatives, we often resort to them, because they are also an instrument used by God to speak to us, bless us and often remove the blindfolds from our eyes.

At certain times we may have one or the other difference with them, but do not fill our heart with rancor, it is painful to get to hate someone after having shared many special moments in life.

Today maybe in a good day to open that gate that we have closed with our words and offenses, it is time to ask for forgiveness, to forgive and love. If we embarrass her with that person, let's leave the pride on one side and look for that neighbor, the word advises to have a present: ¨ Offer a gift can open doors; It is a gateway to important people! ¨ Proverbs 18:16 (New Living Translation).

If our offenses close us doors, then a good gesture could open them, as long as it is with all sincerity and with the best intention to fix things. Recover that friend (a) that is important to you, do not lose it because of your bad character.

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Excellent reflection @mariela, certainly friends exist then so the Bible states in many examples of friendship, but there are many fractures that has led to enmity and have closed many doors for lack of sincerity and loyalty, but as you say and believe that is the right thing we do not have to fill our heart with things that God does not like, on the contrary we must give place to God so that those doors can be opened and forgive.

We must think before we speak, in order not to hurt others.


Amen We must think
Before we speak, in order
Not to hurt others.

                 - rynow

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