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In the Gospel of Mark 1: 1-11, we find the life of a mysterious man of God, whose ministry focused on preaching water baptism for repentance, however, I can ask you, dear reader: What would you think of A man Who lives alone in the desert, dresses in camel skins and eats wild honey and lobsters? How would you feel if this man told you that you need to let God change your life?

You can see why so many people who heard about John the Baptist would see him out of curiosity. But Juan was not a madman, and what he proclaimed was not his own message. For almost thirty years, God prepared John to announce the coming of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. John was a man of great spiritual discernment who knew the difference between those who came with humble and repentant hearts, and those who came to mock or criticize.

If you ask God for discernment, He will give it to you in abundance. For those who really seek his face and direction for their lives, the Lord gives them wisdom that comes only from Him.

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