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I invite you to read Matthew 13: 1-9 and 18-23. If you want, complement your understanding by reading Mark 4: 1-9 and 13-20, and Luke 8: 4-8 and 11-15. It is a parable of Jesus, which He himself called "the parable of the sower."


  • The sower who went out to sow is God

  • the seed that he sowed is His Word, or the Word of the kingdom

  • the seed fell on four different terrains:

  1. part of the seed fell along the road, that is, on top of the hard, dusty road where people walked; and not on carved, fertile and seed-ready land; and the birds of heaven came and ate it - the Word of God sometimes reaches a heart that hears it, but because of its spiritual hardness and aridity, it does not understand it; and the wicked one comes, the devil, Satan, to snatch and take away what was sown there, so that the person does not believe and be saved

  2. another part of the seed fell in stony, where there was not much depth of land; the seed sprang up soon, but when the sun came out, it dried and burned because it had no root - the Word of God sometimes reaches a heart that hears it, and immediately receives it with joy; but because of its low root and short duration in believing, the person stumbles and departs when the tests and afflictions or persecutions come because of that Word

  3. another part of the seed fell among thorns; the thorns that were born together with her grew, drowned her, and the seed bore no fruit - the Word of God sometimes reaches a heart that hears it; but the eagerness of this world, the deceit of riches, and the pleasures of life that grow there along with the Word drown it, and do not let it bear fruit

  4. only a quarter of the seed fell in good soil, carved and fertile land and ready for it; this seed sprouted and grew and produced good fruit at thirty, sixty, and one hundred and one - the Word of God sometimes reaches a good and upright heart that hears, understands, receives and retains it; these people bear much fruit, and fruit with perseverance

How is your heart? Is it hard and dry, and full of dust? Is it full of stones that can't stand the tribulations? Is it full of the thorns of eagerness, of the riches and pleasures of life? Or is it a good and straight heart, sensitive and receptive to the voice of God? Note that the four hearts heard the Word of God: the problem is never to hear it - the problem is what we do after hearing it, if we understand it, if we receive it, if we retain it, and if we then produce the abundant fruit of obedience, Whatever comes.

How deep are the roots of the Word of God in your heart?

How are you protecting your heart against the birds that want to snatch and eat the Word of God in your life, against the sun that wants to dry and burn it, against the thorns that want to drown it?

If God asks me to keep my heart over every saved thing, I have to examine it, clean it and prepare it so that I can receive and obey the Word of God, the Word of Life.

That the Sower finds in each of us a sensitive and receptive heart to the seeds that he wants to sow in our lives.


Very good reflection @karinalr, we must reflect on what kind of seed we are in the kingdom of God.
Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, my Apostle you're absolutely right. A true Christian/Believer is like a seed in the hand of the sower (God).
Hence, we must always pray that He should plant us on a fertile ground.

We too when planted, must be ready to ready to go in deep into the soil (God's word) so that our roots could be firm to withstand all odds that could have impeded our growth in God.

Bless ya.

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