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Genesis 1.11 And God said: << Let there be vegetation on the earth; May it produce herbs that give seed, all according to their species! >> And so it happened. NVI

In the world of botany a seed is the beginning of something great and wonderful, and of course there are seeds to seeds, but today I want to talk to you about the good seed, of which the Bible speaks in the verse that I mention to you. God gives a clear order, that herbs with seeds are produced, and these in turn also give seeds according to their species, that is, to their kind; Now, pay close attention and observe how He from the beginning made a section, a classification; separated the productive from the unproductive, the pleasant from the unpleasant, the good from the bad. So we see that there are trees that only produce shade, and others that produce fruit, and among these there are fruits that are pleasing to the palate and not others. What do I want to get with this? To the following: Just as in the vegetable nature there is a classification made by God from the beginning, so there is also one in human nature, (which in the end is what matters) because he remembers that God has worried him from the beginning, it is man and his behavior with Him.

In the law of sowing and harvest mentioned in the bible, God clearly warns us that what we do (good or bad), that will be what we will receive tomorrow. The earth can not give you anything other than what you have sown; "If you have a good tree, its fruit will be good, if you have a bad tree, its fruit will be bad. The tree is known for its fruit (Matthew 12.33) "So in our life we ​​can not expect something we have not worked on; In our hearts all emotions are kept and all our feelings come from it, therefore, the actions and attitudes that we take are the reflection of our interior.

My beloved brother (a) you know perfectly well, and God also knows you and knows what your way of thinking and acting is. Many times we act incorrectly and we hurt people close to us, either with words or with our behavior, consciously or unconsciously and we do not realize or do not want to realize the serious damage we have done by hurting the feelings of our loved ones or of someone outside of us. Therefore, God called you to be a good and nice person, he did not call you to bear bad fruit. He wants you to be productive in everything you do in this ephemeral life, but that what you produce is truly worthwhile; you can not live just to live, it is important that you leave a very good inheritance to yours and even to society in general, so that tomorrow when you are old or have left, your future generations will recognize what you did and be grateful to you When I speak of inheritance I do not mean the material, because it ends, rather I refer to the spiritual, to the moral, that which remains forever; it is necessary that you see what your fruits have been to this day, what kind of seed you have sown and the land where you have deposited it; Remember that everything you sow, whether good or bad, will be rewarded, because "He who is good, of the goodness that he treasures in the heart, produces good; but he who is evil, of his wickedness brings evil, because of what abounds in the heart speaks the mouth >> Luke 6.45 nvi

What you speak my brother (friend) is the reflection of what you are; that is why it is necessary to take care of your mouth, the language you use and the way you express yourself from others. I have always said that life is like a boomerang that when you throw it, it will always return to its starting point; that is how our words are, that if you curse that same thing it will return to your life, but if you bless that same will also return to you. On this day I want to invite you to analyze what you have done up to now, to see what kind of seed you have planted in your walk, because that will be the fruit that you will get. If the seed is bad, this is the moment to tear it from the root and discard it from your life, since a root of bitterness will only produce disappointments, sadness, tears and loneliness; It is the moment to ask forgiveness first to God, then forgive yourself, and then ask forgiveness to those who have offended, only then you can cleanse your soul and live a full life. Christ Jesus commands us to forgive so that we too may be forgiven by the Father.

Once this is done, return to your garden, that the land of hope, faith and love are waiting for you to start again to work your new life HALLELUFY !! And finally choose the good seed, so that your vineyard gives good fruit, appetizing and juicy, and so the Father is glad to see the good sowing that the Son (Jesus) has done in you. Amen

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One seed multiply for more fruit, that is wonderful from God.