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Some insist that our central purpose in this life is to work. There has not been a place in the world, since the times
of Abraham and until the modern era, where the work has been more honored than in North America. It's not that we like to work, but I do talk about how honorable work is.


Have you ever stopped to think about what work is?

Let me state it in the simplest way. The job is to move things and relocate them. We have one thing there and we work to place it here. We have something in a cube and we distribute it by a wall of the house, and we call it "painting". We have something in a cupboard, we put it in a pan and then at the table, so that our spouse can eat it, and at that
we call "cooking". You may smile when reading this simplification, but you will discover that
This definition of work is very good and solid. The job is to take one thing that is in one place and place it in another.
For an observer of humanity, the obviousness of the work is the fact that it has a short-term focus; It never has a long-term purpose. The farmer has grain in his shed, he sows it in the field and covers it with earth. After nature has Searching for the lost identity of man worked on the seed three or four months, the farmer takes it out and
return it to the place where it was taken, where there is more her. The next year the grain has disappeared: it was eaten by won. Therefore, work always has a purpose short term.
But what is the result of all this? Why do we do it?
Why put that green, red or white paint in that cube and use it at home? You will tell me: «So that the weather does not affect the house, so that it is in good condition and has a pleasant appearance ».
That's very good, but a house has not been built yet that has not been rotten, rickety and, in the end, has been replaced by something newer. Nobody can convince me that I have been created to work as a mere farm horse, that lacks any future or any other reason than working.
A man can work a whole life, identify with his work and then retire. Shortly after retirement, he dies because his life has no purpose. The final result of the work is the most absolute futility.

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well said @karinalr The final result of the work is the most absolute futility. Everyone who works must have a purpose.
thanks for sharing .