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Things do not go as you expected, a despair floods your body, your mind captures only the same thought, the one that time and time again tries to decipher the correct way to get out of so much trouble that today you face but that nevertheless does not find a solution .


And there are moments in life where it seems that everything is against you, those spells where everything goes from bad to worse and where a desperate question arises: "Where is God?", And it seems that that God hides, and that his silence sometimes feels painful.

I know what it feels like, I myself have been standing there in that same moment where everything is against, where you try to analyze what you did wrong or try to reason the why of things without finding an answer. Those moments where it seems that God has hidden and despite the fact that you cry, you do not receive an answer.

Prolonged silences sometimes cause pain, that pain of feeling abandoned or forgotten, however despite the difficult time we are going through we feel alone, the reality is that we are not.

I could not explain why God sometimes keeps silent for so long, I would like to understand it myself, but what I have been able to witness is that despite the prolonged silence that God sometimes has towards me, he has never abandoned me, and He has always arrived on time.

I'm not going to lie that sometimes I want God's answers to be faster, sometimes I wish God would not let me suffer so much trouble, but at the same time I understand that if God allows it, it's because he's working on me, he's forging some area of my life that needs to be worked on. If everything in life were so easy, if everything in life were the color of roses our faith was not strong, what strengthens our faith is the time it takes for the answer.

And it is that it is faith, to remain confident in the middle of all the negative, to be expectant in the middle of a discouraging panorama, to believe despite having everything against.

Dear friend, maybe today you are experiencing a time preaching of God's silence about your life. Maybe you are waiting for a quick response to a situation that befalls you, you feel that everything is coming down and you do not see a reaction of God on your life. However let me tell you that God has not forgotten you, that He cares more than you imagine, that He is watching you and if something is happening is because your faith is being strengthened.

Do not stop believing, do not stop trusting, do not lose hope, do not let the problems that surround you prevent you from seeing the process of God in the middle of all this desert. May the silence of God not be cause for discouragement, but on the contrary, be a reason to seek more and more of Him so that your ears open at the precise moment to listen to his instructions.

God has not turned away from you, God has not rejected you, God has not forgotten you and has not renounced the covenant he made with you. God is right there next to you, giving you the strength you need to get ahead. Perhaps the problems you face daily do not let you see the spiritual reality that surrounds you, perhaps you have not realized that if you are still standing here it is because God has sustained you, that if you are still alive it is because God wanted it so .

Come on, keep believing, keep trusting, but above all, dispose your whole being so that God will do in you what He has thought to do and when that is accomplished then, and only then, will you understand the reason for everything in your life .

God is still by your side!
"Although I am surrounded by difficulties, you will protect me from the anger of my enemies. You extend your hand, and the power of your right hand saves me. The Lord will carry out the plans he has for my life, because your faithful love, O Lord, remains forever. Do not abandon me, because you created me. "

Psalm 138: 7-8 New Living Translation (NLT)

"I will be with you, and I will not abandon you until I fulfill what I have promised you. I will take care of you wherever you go, and I will make you return to this land »."

Genesis 28:15 Translation in current language (TLA)