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"But the natural man does not perceive the things that are of the Spirit of God, because for him they are foolishness, and he can not understand them, because they are to be discerned spiritually."

By nature all of us can discern the carnal things, that is, we quickly know when we are acting or when someone is acting according to the desires of the flesh, this is because we have the natural discernment of the flesh.

But the Bible speaks of a discernment that only the one who is a legitimate son of God has, since it is given only to those who have in their lives the Spirit of God, I speak of being able to discern spiritual things.

In order to discern spiritual things there is only one requirement and is: Having the Spirit of God in your life, it is He who translates the things that are of the Spirit so that we can understand them.

Imagine you in China or Russia, with a language very different from ours, in the middle of a market, could you understand what they say ?, maybe you understand a little, not so much that you understand their native language, but if so what Once they offer, but between seeing and understanding there is a huge difference.

The natural man sees the external things and gives his interpretation, but the spiritual man goes beyond the exterior and knows through the Holy Spirit to discern the true intentions of those external actions.

Now a new question: What would happen if you had a translator in the middle of that market ?, what would happen is that besides seeing what they are selling, you would also understand what they say and the price they ask for that object, that is to say that things were easier and there would be less room for error.

Likewise, the Holy Spirit of God is a translator for our life, it translates the things that are produced by Him and those that do not, it teaches us not to be carried away by what our eyes see, since it teaches us to discern with our heart the intentions of each action.

But the most important question would be: Is there discernment of Spirit in my life?

In order to discern the things that are of the Spirit we must have the Spirit of God active in our life, and this is only achieved through a true personal relationship with Him, that is, if you do not pray, you do not read the Word, you congregate, you do not serve and you do not keep active your personal relationship with Him, you can hardly discern the spiritual things, since the Spirit of God will be extinguished in your life.

Dear friend, it is time to realize how important it is in daily life to walk with the Holy Spirit by the hand, because He will help us to walk on the path of justice and holiness in which God wants us to walk, it is time to renew our daily communion with the Holy Spirit.

If you discern more the carnal than the spiritual things, it is a sign that you need more communion with the Spirit of God.


One of the simplest definitions we could give is that discernment is the ability to differentiate truth from error. One of the fruits of spiritual discernment is the ability to walk with wisdom and at the same time walk in integrity of heart. It is obvious that to discern you must be spiritual because the natural man perceives the things of the flesh but the spiritual perceives the things of the spirit.
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