Who experiences loneliness and despair?

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Greetings friends. Thanks for checking my blog again. Loneliness and despair seem to be an emotional process that is present in the whole human being.

You may ask, who experiences loneliness and despair? Surely, that person who lives anonymously in a populous city. But also the foreigner, the rich, the miserable, the divorced, the single father, the young man, the entrepreneur, the professional, the housewife, the one who has no job ... No one is immune to loneliness.

Even the men and women of God sometimes experience loneliness.

In the Old Testament, Elijah stands out as the most dramatic and vehement prophet of God. He stopped the rain, challenged a king face to face, threw fire from the sky, sent hundreds of false prophets to execute and accurately predicted the date on which a drought of three and a half years would end.

However, in the New Testament we read that "Elijah was as human as we are (James 5:17). So he also experienced moments of anguish and loneliness.

As a result of four wrong steps, Elijah ended up in the desert, under a tree and totally desperate (1 Kings 18: 46; 19: 4).
First, I was physically exhausted.
Second, I was emotionally disturbed.
Third, he did not go to God spiritually.
Fourth, I was socially isolated.

In the end he ended up fainting under a tree in a deserted place and shouted, "That's enough, Lord. Take my life. I want to die."

Have you ever felt a total discouragement and seen yourself with no one to cheer you up? Have you ever experienced Elias syndrome?

Notice how God meets each of the prophet's needs at the time of the crisis. Physically, God gives him food and a good rest. Emotionally, the Lord lets Elijah know that his presence is with him and encourages him. Spiritually, God urges Elijah to follow him once more. Socially, the Lord speaks to Elijah about a large number of men and women of God with whom he can have a camaraderie and receive even more encouragement.

In the same way, God wants to meet your personal needs, dear reader. You cannot live the victorious Christian life in solitude and with your own strength. It is impossible. We only experience the victory by the power of the living Christ (Galatians 2:20). His presence and power are particularly evident when two or three gather in his name to pray for something specific (Matthew 18:20).

Use your loneliness or discouragement as a motivation to surrender to the Lord. You don't feel under the tree of despair. The last words of Jesus Christ were that He would be with us forever (Matthew 28:20). He wants to be your best friend, so you don't feel lonely anymore.

Also, congregate with God's people (Hebrews 10:25) and don't try to face the daily battles of life on your own. Pray with other Christians for their mutual needs and concerns. Experience the work of God in the body of Christ. Victory in the Christian life is always a team effort.

Why don't you start living this way right now? You will see how different life is.

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