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I am pleased to share with you the project of God's life with the family. When God created man and woman, he united them in such a way that man and woman were the same flesh (Genesis 2:24).

God's plan for men and women is that they always stay together and multiply. Despite the fall of man and woman into sin, the product of disobedience, God insisted that they multiply, and that Eve was "the mother of all living" (Genesis 2:24).

As men multiplied on earth, sin also multiplied. All this came from the first family on earth (Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel).

Man began to work against God's plans. God maintained his firmness to make man happy, but man loved darkness instead of the light of God's love.

With the flood, God wanted to destroy mankind by sin, however, a family found grace in the eyes of God. When I say family, I mean Noah. Through Noah's obedience and justice, his entire family achieved salvation so as not to be devoured by the flood.

Again, God's plan appears on the stage of the life of Noah and his family. The ark that today represents Christ, allowed them to escape the destruction that came to mankind in the ancient world.

God fixed his eyes on Noah's family, however, sin continued to this day.

As the wonderful plan of God is salvation for man. God chose Abraham so that through him all the families of the earth could be blessed (Genesis 12: 3).

This important purpose of God was accomplished through the holy seed of Abraham, which is in Christ Jesus.

As it is written: "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your house" (Acts 16:31).

Paul said these words to the jailer in Philippi. They contain God's glorious plan of salvation with the family.

It is important to understand that God's promise to man is not only based on his personal salvation, but also includes his entire house (wife, children, parents, brothers).

God is jealous with the family. First he shows his zeal for the relationship of man and woman, which must be indissoluble. This relationship should be similar to God's relationship with Israel, Jesus Christ with the church. In whose relationship the fidelity pact should predominate.

Within the relationship, from creation to the present, procreation is mandatory, which gives the union of men and women their family functionality.

The body of Christ is integrated by the family nucleus. Thank God for his eternal love and his wonderful plan of salvation for all the families of the earth who decide to be with Christ.


God has always established his favor in the midst of families, God's project is to bless all the families of the earth.


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