Firm Christians like Mount Zion

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I bless your life in the name of Jesus!

The peace of God be with you. Peace be upon Israel and the glorious city of Zion.

Your feet are on the eternal rock that is Jesus Christ. Your family is on the mainland like Mount Zion. You will never be moved, because your trust is placed in God. Your challenges or enemies can never defeat you.

Psalm 125: 1-2 says: “Those who trust in the Lord are safe as Mount Zion; They will not be defeated, but will remain forever. Just as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people, now and forever. "

Evil cannot take away the foundation of the righteous, who are those who trust in the Lord. There is no person, no demon that can destroy your life, because those who trust in God, stand on a firm and immovable land. Even if a time of doubt or trial passes, if the Lord is the center of your faith, there is no storm that can eliminate your destiny, because you have put an immovable base under your feet, which is Christ, the eternal rock. He has also surrounded us with mountains of protection, which are the shield of our faith, something that evil could not and will not be able to transfer.

Jerusalem is located on Mount Zion, and is surrounded by other mountains, which are a physical symbol, which God chose to use, to show us that those who love him are permanently guarded.

No person, nor proof, nor anguish, can remove their foundations. Remember this friend: you will not be defeated. The world trusts in things that can be violated, but those who trust in the Lord will never be removed.

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