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Since we are born, human beings are imitators. 90% of what we learn we learn to see how others do. In the Bible we have several examples of men who used imitation to achieve goals.


Is it important for a church leader to be an example that others can imitate?

A biblical example is that of Gideon. In this case to win a battle and defeat the enemies of Israel (Judges 7: 15 to 22). When God convinced Gideon that he would give them the victory over the Midianites, he divided the 300 chosen soldiers into 3 squads and ordered them "Look at me, and do what you see me doing". They played the trumpets, they broke the pitchers, they raised the lighted torches, they did everything in a synchronized way, imitating Gideon. And the Lord gave them the victory!

Jesus and Paul in their ministry were examples of spiritual behaviors and attitudes that they then recommended that their disciples imitate.

How does someone who just receives Christ learn to read the Bible, to pray, to give testimony? Being a leader is closely linked to being an example. Cell leaders with their lives will mark a path that will be imitated by their disciples and cell group.

It is important to examine our life every day in the light of the Word of God and correct what is not according to his will, so that consolidated in the faith we can be worthy examples to imitate.
May they learn by seeing in us the example of being guided by the Word of God, of being in communication with our Father, of sharing our faith, of helping to grow spiritually, of baptizing, of accompanying them to serve, of participating in the church by fulfilling a function.

(John 13:15) This is the biblical model and the best way to teach to live the spiritual life: to see in us a clear example.


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@jenniferbrito the leaders are examples in their performance and their good testimony is worthy of imitation, because it must go hand in hand with the word of God. Thanks for sharing.
God bless you.