Reflections of life: overcome evil by doing good

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Greetings and blessings to the community @Steemchurch

In Romans 12: 21, the Word says:

Do not let yourself be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

The force of love is the fundamental power to overcome evil. The Word says that even if our enemy asks us to eat, we must give it. To do such a thing, the love of Christ in our hearts must prevail. The Lord said, we must love even our enemies. That is, we must do good even to those who hate and curse us.

The law of love is to pay the evildoer well. The Lord himself on the Cross could say: "Father, forgive them because they don't know what they are doing." The deep love of God erases all evil, therefore, all who love God must also erase evil by doing good; so that hate does not take over our hearts, and instead of having peace, hate is taken for the person who has caused us harm.

The Word teaches that without peace and holiness no one will see God, so we must overcome evil by doing good, so that in our hearts we do not generate rancor and this separates us from the presence of God.

Sometimes, the task of forgiving is difficult and complex, and it is for this very reason, because you must forgive is what offends you and forgiving is doing good to those who have caused you some harm.

If we want to see the face of God in heaven, we must act according to his word and act always doing good no matter where evil comes from.

There is a proverb in the silence that says: "Do it well and don't look at who." Similarly, we have to overcome evil by doing good without looking at who we are doing.


@jacobbendice, the law of the world is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but the law of God is contrary, rather Jesus commands us to overcome evil for good.
Thanks for sharing

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