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Many blessings from God to all on this day.

My youth has been tested with fire and I am completely convinced that behind all these afflictions there is a great purpose of God for my life.

Perhaps, you are also going through a furnace of fire and you live so desperate, but let me tell you that we should not fear anything; let God accomplish his goal and we will be taken to a higher spiritual level. Do not forget that our Lord Jesus Christ experienced the most terrible fire on the cross and behind it there was an enormous purpose of God, as indicated in the following scripture:

Hebrews 2:10 says:

Because it suited him for whose cause all things are, and for whom all things subsist, that having to bring many children to glory, perfecting himself by afflictions to the author of his salvation.

Father God, of whom all things are, and that all things subsist and are subject to Him, had set the goal of bringing many children to glory, that is, bringing many children to the kingdom of heaven. However, to achieve this goal, he had to pass his own Son, Jesus Christ, through the test of fire.
Jesus Christ, as the author of salvation, was to be perfected by afflictions, in other words, to carry in his body the punishment and pain for the sins of mankind.
All this to fulfill what is written in the book of the prophets.

I gave my body to the wounds and my cheeks to those with my beard; I did not hide my face from insults and sputum (Isaiah 50: 6).

The author of salvation (Christ Jesus), to be perfected in afflictions, experienced in his own body: abuse, rudeness, violence or indignation.
He endured suffering and absolute suffering, the sins of mankind.

The Word of God teaches that we must arm ourselves with the same thought, that if Christ suffered, we will also suffer.
The faith of the children of God will be transmitted by fire. James says that the test of your faith produces patience.

If you have any affliction, trial or suffering, you must arm yourself with the same thought of Christ, with the only advantage that Christ has already triumphed over death and the world.

Perfect in afflictions, so that your faith is solid and can overcome the day of the test that will come upon the whole world.

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