Meditation: full confidence that God hears my prayer.

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I waited patiently for Jehovah, and he bowed down to me and heard my cry. And he made me leave the pit of despair, the muddy mud; He put my feet on a rock and straightened my steps. Then he put in my mouth a new song, praise to our God. Many will see this, fear and trust in Jehovah (Psalm 40: 1-4)

Why are there no answers from God in our prayers?

Because we are not patient.
We pray and we immediately want God to answer us. Many times we force God to respond urgently to the needs we have.
In this psalm we learn that the psalmist waited patiently for God's response to his prayers. As difficult as the situation the psalmist lived, he kept waiting for his answer. He did not conflict with God because the answer he expected was immediate. Patience was his powerful weapon, until God inclined his ear to hear the psalmist's requirement.

The Word says that God inclined his ear to hear what the psalmist requested. In fact, God heard him and answered him, but he did not answer in the time that the psalmist was waiting, but God responded according to his own will.

You have to let God do your will, do not hurry, no matter how difficult the situation you are going through.
Rest assured that God hears you, do not hesitate, and wait patiently for your response, and God will help you out of the pit of despair.


Amen @jacobbendice, we have to be certain that God hears our prayers.
Thanks for sharing.

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