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Greetings and blessings to all friends and brothers in Christ.

The shadow of a giant tree covers you and serves as protection, especially when the day is very sunny.
Farm animals, each time, arriving at noon, can be seen looking for the shade of the tallest tree. Under a shadow you feel freshness, tranquility, you can rest and sleep peacefully while you sleep.

Now, you can imagine that you are under the shadow of God, nothing more and nothing less than under the shadow of the Almighty. How much protection and security will you enjoy while under God's protection?

The problem arises when you leave God's refuge. Outside of him there is nothing good for us. We are easy prey for the enemy. If strong winds come, it can be razed and destroyed.
When you have the shadow of God with you, winds can blow, flood rivers can come and strike against you, and nothing will happen to you, because God protects you.
Being under the shadow of God brings many benefits and generates great confidence and security against bad days.


There is no greater satisfaction than this "knowing that we live under the shadow of the omnipotent. "This promise becomes real and those who believe

Thanks for sharing @jacobbendice

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