Life lessons: following the example of Caleb

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An example of boldness, courage and faith is found in Caleb's life. The meaning of Caleb is "Bold" "Impetuous."

Caleb's audacity is required to face the challenges of fighting the giants in the promised land.
This impetuousness of Caleb led him to receive God's promise to possess all the territory that stepped on the soles of the feet in the promised land.

Moses chose Caleb along with Joshua and ten other princes of the people of Israel to explore the promised land and upon returning they had to present a report of what they had explored on earth.

When the 12 spies returned from exploring the earth, ten of them simply discouraged people, because they had seen many giants and the men of that land were strong and powerful. The ten recommended not fighting those giants because all Israel would be crushed and destroyed.

Caleb's audacity led him to interrupt the panic in the city, and Caleb reminded them that God was with them and that there was nothing to fear. The courage of Caleb and Joshua revealed the need to trust God, and that if God had promised to give him that land, God would fulfill it.
Despite the intervention of Caleb and Joshua, people were still discouraged due to the terrorist report that the first ten spies had submitted.

Caleb maintained his firmness of trusting God and believing that God would fulfill the promise of delivering the promised land. He fully trusted that those giants that were in Canaan had already been defeated by God.

Caleb's great confidence in God led him to receive from God the promise that the territory he had explored would be the territory God would give him and his descendants.

As written in Joshua 14: 9

Then Moses swore saying, "Surely the land that calmed your foot will be for you and your children in perpetual inheritance, because you have fulfilled to follow Jehovah my God.

Caleb received what he deserved for his trust in God. It doesn't matter the giants that cross your path, no matter how many difficulties you encounter in the course of your goal, no matter how many negative people arise against your dream; The important thing is to maintain a firm confidence in God, that he will give us the victory over the difficulties, the giants and the negative people.

Everything you step on with the sole of your foot, God will deliver it into your hands.


Very true @jacobbendice we need boldness, firmness and trust in God so that God's promises are fulfilled in us.
Thanks for sharing

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