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Many times we lose confidence in ourselves because we hear the voices of the world that tell us that we are miserable, poor and ruined. We walk in life listening to negative voices and we don't stop to hear what God really says we are.

In Revelation 2: 9, God says that you are rich: "I know your works, your tribulation and your poverty, but you are rich ..."

If God says you are rich, it is because you are rich. It is enough that you have accepted Christ, so that you are the heir of the eternal sky, of the city that shines with golden streets, where we will live for eternity. Don't let the adversary fool you and confuse you and make fun of you by tormenting you with his lies. Shout to the devil that you are rich, because God is your Father, the owner and creator of the entire universe, and what is in it.

God created man, to rule over all creation. God placed man in the garden of Eden, as a steward; but the devil tricked him and put him to covet science. In the end he realized that he had lost everything. He was expelled from Eden and thus walked in this poor humanity like a sheep without a shepherd, until Christ came. The Bible says that being rich became poor to enrich many. You and I are rich thanks to Christ.

Honestly, I recognize that there are many Christians who live as wicked, complaining about the situation and muttering about the high cost of living and blaming their rulers for the fault of everything. They ignore that the Bible says that the world will go from bad to worse, and that believers will go from Glory to Glory, until we see God in paradise. You are rich, very rich, richer than you imagine.

Those who are simply silly people who waste their time and patience always count what they lack, so that they live desperate to reach it ... And when will they reach it?
What we lack is like the horizon that always escapes us at the same speed, with which we try to reach it. That is why Paul said that "the things that are seen are temporary, but those that are not seen are eternal."

How much are your eyes worth? Would you sell one eye of yours for a million dollars? How much would you ask for your two eyes? Surely those eyes that God has given you have no price for you, and that you would never sell them for all the gold in the world.

How much would you ask for your ears? Would you like to be deaf if you were offered a million dollars for each ear? Surely you would not sell them. How much are your weapons worth? Your feet? Would you be willing to sell your heart for a hundred billion dollars and put on an artificial one to continue living? I don't know ... you're not stupid; You are worth much more than all the great skyscrapers in New York.

They bought you at the price of blood. Christ died for your sins, to rid your precious soul of that terrible hell; For all these things: you are rich. Rejoice and be encouraged in the Lord, because He being rich became poor, to enrich many; and among those many are you and me. I did not forget it. Hallelujah, and thank the Lord for his great wealth.

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