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There are two types of people..


Man: (speaking positively from the scriptures) I am the seed of Abraham, I am blessed beyond measures, lines are falling in pleasant places for me, no good thing will God withhold from me, money cometh my way.
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After praying and speaking right, he folds his hands and sleep. He doesn’t think out strategies, no engagement in any producing venture or work, this leads to non fulfilment of prophecies. He’s broke and life is frustrating.
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Man: (wakes up early and goes to his business place, a very hardworking man) This country is a failed place, nothing works here, in fact it is a burial ground for SMEs and start ups. Nothing works here, see as everywhere dry.
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This one hustled and did business, made even some cash but his tongue produced bitter words, while driving home, one truck bashed his car from behind, started back and forth argument, it landed in police, because the police is your friend, he had to pay some money, he had to share the responsibility in fixing his car, more money has gone, he gets home, wife comes with news that full current blew all the bulbs and the deep freezer, brother just finds out that all the money he made that day has already gone with the wind, he sighs and says “this life is just a pot of beans”.

If you have followed this post to this point, you are about to be hit by light…

Proverbs. 12:14

(let me explain it in its simplest form)
It says…

A man shall be satisfied with good by the fruit of his mouth: and the recompence of a man's hands shall be rendered unto him.

This means you shouldn’t be TYPE A or TYPE B, what should you do?

Speak the right words, prophesy upon yourself and your day, provoke the heavens to work on your behalf and as angels are released with the packages, YOU SET OUT TO WORK…


Deut. 28:12; 15:10

...For I(God) will bless the works of your hand…

It means the legitimate/legal works of your hand. Whether it is selling pure water, working in a bank, being a food vendor, event management, public speaker, writer, caterer, doctor etc…

Don’t speak the word and fold your hands, neither should you work and speak negatively. The right words plus the right work will lead to owanbe.


God bless you immediately.
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