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Blessing means well-being is God's own and is declared with the desire that God grants it to whom it is sent.
Many people have taken it as something personal and others pronounce it as a mechanically saying but others bless with the soul because they know what it truly means to bless.

God blesses and has called us to bless even our enemies as we are blessed to bless because there is power in the blessing and generates a series of spiritual and material benefits in our lives.


Matthew 5:44
But I say to you: Love your enemies, bless those who curse you ...
(Reina Valera Gómez).

The blessing as it comes from God for peace, well-being, justice, love, freedom, protection ... and manifests itself in all those who have interpreted this great power through the holy spirit.

Numbers 6: 24-26
"God bless you
and save you;
the Lord look at you with pleasure
and extend your love;
the Lord show you his favor
and grant you peace. "
| NIV |

In these verses there is a blessing that means a yearning for Moses to the people of God where he declares that Jehovah will make them prosper protect them from harm.

The true blessing is granted by the person who has already received the blessing and knows that it comes from God and does not belong to him but understands that by grace we can declare it with faith in people to be blessed as well.

I think the first thing we do is bless our families, parents, children, uncles, grandparents, but we must also learn from God that we should bless everyone because the blessing is not ours belongs to God but it influences when we make it from the heart.


Saying "God bless you" from the heart has a beautiful power because you are wishing the best for someone and yearn for God to bless him and prosper in everything and that blessing will be returned to you.
Remember that we will also reap what we sow.


Excellent reflection @giacamila, really that is the key to declare and receive blessings because, one who has received blessing blesses another with a heart and generates multiplication of blessings.

So is... we are blessed to bless.

God bless you!

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