God orders the times

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Deuteronomy 32: 8
There was a time when the Most High made distribution of men and nations, and set the borders of the peoples. But he took the Israelites into account.


The God who created all human beings is also interested in them. The apostle Paul said about what God directs regarding the places of habitation and as regards the affairs of time. This demonstrates the lordship of God in history, for God is the lord of the times the lord of history, for this dignification has a purpose for man, so that he may seek God and understand that he alone orders history so that Men return to Him.

God has never left his people adrift, He has always had mercy even when man remains with his back to Him and is unfaithful.
God accommodates the times because his mercy is forever and is manifested to men from eternity.

Human beings are alienated from God; They can be restored by redemption in Christ and God sends through their prophets and children to all peoples and everywhere they repent through the gospel.
That is why all the preaching of man must be centered on the person of Jesus Christ, who is the savior of the world and is present in all times.

God has established everything created, and just as he takes care of human beings, he also takes care of the peoples and nations where we live.

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@elion, God has control of the smallest detail of his people, Distributes time and occasion considering his people.
Thanks for sharing.