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In these last days I have been thinking considerably about the
image that the church has projected.Then it will be that the church through which Jesus returns, is by his body or by a temple.

When I was a girl, a teenager came to a place and they asked me what are you? What are you doing? I used to say: I am a Christian. When I answered immediately people in that environment told me but you do not seem, because the evangelicals that I know, are extremists, we are all sinners for them, they send people to hell, they become masters of the temples, they do not have testimonies, and the religious live in poverty and gossip, and hide behind a false identity.
Because it was immature, at that time it bothered me, it irritated me that people spoke ill of the gospel. Today I can say and understand how Solomon wrote in esclesiates, the things that I have seen under the sun. I have seen temples with doctrines of men, leaders at their own discretion, put into contentions for money, for position, and the least I have seen is Jesus.
Jesus said that things greater than what he did
we would do, there are few miracles that happen today, there are few lazaros who are resurrected, there are few who overcome giants, few are those who heal ill. Then the question is?

Does the word lie, does God lie? no, really we are those of us who are projecting a bad image of Christianity, you can lie to man, you can deceive yourself, but can man deceive God?
This message we like a few, and I do not write it to judge, but to preach to myself and raise the people of God to take the arms of our militia that are not carnal but spiritual.
If you do not allow God to enter your heart, God will not force you, God is a gentleman. We are in the last times and the souls are getting lost without knowing God and we are in the circle of personal selfishness.

But seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.
Matthew6: 33

A statistic indicates that 70% of people live from the past, 20% live from the present and 10% live from the future ". This does not mean that some are better than others, it indicates where your life is focused.

If you keep reading you will learn to focus your life in the future.
The focus on the past does not allow us to change since the past is a fact, the focus on the present opens the door to improving today what evidently implies not being able to count on a lot of time for profound changes, but the focus in the future may be help us to dream relevant changes for the next generations.

The focus in the future allows us to project changes.

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If we really want to differentiate ourselves from the Pharisees or politicians who "say and do not" we need to encourage us to function in the kingdom in a way that honors God by projecting the changes we see necessary in the Work.

Building those changes is our responsibility and to perform them we need to act differently from the way we have used until today. To explain myself better and as always I will exemplify it with a personal experience.

Here is an example:
When I was younger, some friends from the university we met to study, then some proposed to go to parties, discos, coffee, etc, always chose a favorable option for what I wanted to do. Many religious people told me you would not You can be in those places or walk with these people, because you are not like them, they will take you to the world of perdition, however, I always did what my heart told me, acting with prudence, if we are light because we have to hide ?
Over the years many of them accepted Jesus in their hearts, why? because there was someone who sowed the seed of the word in their lives, who accompanied them and never criticized them, only sowed and that seed bore fruit.

Three realities of the work today are:

  • communities without the true gospel.
  • lack of trained missionaries.
  • churches that do not plant.

If we encourage ourselves to look to the future and project changes such as changing these three realities, we need to start by making the decision to invest part of our time, effort and money in:

  • Guide and help churches to go to the streets.
  • Empower leaders in action.
  • Practice mercy, justice and love.
  • Train leaders and missionaries by practically dedicating themselves to planting a seed that gives life to others.

Nothing will happen until we project the changes we want to see made.

For example:
We are responsible for projecting and specifying in our generation a space where all leaders have the opportunity to initiate and complete their training in a timely manner.

If we project and concretize it, we would be changing the three named realities.

  • Every year we would be reaching new communities, cities and countries.
  • Each year we would be training new leaders.
  • Each year we would be planting new projects or extending the vision we have.

These ideas are already underway in my life, in the @ sc-v ministry, "Bread from Heaven" and in a group of people who have decided to invest our time, effort and money in making them a reality, Building Venezuela.

I invite you to join this project and be part of changing these realities.

This is a way to focus on the future and try to modify it.

God has given us the ability to dream the future, project changes and change realities.

You just have to try and He will show his power.

Encourage to project changes in your life, family and ministry from today.

With Love in Christ,


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Sometimes it is hard to accept the reality in which the Darlenys church vibrates, but this is a great message. We have to change, so that Jesus can be manifested.

It is time to change and reflect @darlenys01.

Amen. Thanks for raising a standard for Gods church

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Excellent reflection @darlenys01, it would certainly be good to delve into this great reality and act.
God is calling us to preach the gospel based on what Jesus would do today.
God bless you

@darlenys01, this teaching has called me to reflection.
God bless you

Bonita reflexión @darlenys01, es tiempo de proyectar cambios centrados en la palabra de Dios.
Dios te continue bendiciendo.

Good reflection, Jesus comes for a glorious church and it is our duty to deepen according to the scriptures of our role as a church.
God bless you @darlenys01.

A message that exhorts us @darlenys01 but we can not leave aside the responsibility that we have as followers of Christ.

much reason in saying @darlenys01 that it is time to project changes, so as a church we must ask ourselves what are we contributing?