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We live in a dynamic world in which our identities have to expand continuously to enjoy a higher quality of life. You need to be aware of things that can influence your identity, see if you are trained or limited, and take over control of the entire process. If he does not do so, he becomes a prisoner of his own past. I'm curious: are you now the same who when he let Jesus enter his heart, and recognized that he was the savior of the world?

I am continually redefining myself and people are often amazed at my level of confidence to pursue new adventures. I do not like routine very much, I always believe that there is more, when I was younger, that I had so many dreams, I said: I want to do this , and I succeeded, smiled when I remembered that a friend was telling me:

"Darlenys, if you had all the tools to do something, you would have finished the world"

Because out of nowhere, you do many things, I think that this is a gift that the creator has given me, since I was little, he accompanies me, doing the best I can, going that extra mile.


I am often asked: "How have you achieved so many things in your life? I think a good part of that is because I look at things in a different way than most people do: while most people have to know themselves to be competent before feeling confident, I decide to feel confident, and that gives me the feeling of certainty that I need to persist until I am competent. That's the reason why my identity is not limited by my past references. And I'm not talking about economic issues, no, I'm talking about the goals and objectives that I've set out to achieve, moving in the faith and identity that I Christ has given.

If you asked me who I am today (and I can decide to change tomorrow!), I would say that I am a creator of possibilities, an instigator of joy, a catalyst for growth, a builder of people and a producer of passion, a preacher of the word, and a potential dreamer, I am not a motivator, nor a guru, nor am I the perfect woman. I am a woman to whom God has been pleased to pour out her grace to be the mother of multitudes, and to snatch souls to Satan and bring them to Jesus, I am part of the army of Christ and the revival of the last times, I am a warrior, that when tread a territory has it, I am that kind of person from my childhood, hell haunts me like crazy, because they know that the manifestation of the glorious power of the living God rests on me, the anointing of the saint, I am the headache of demons , if I arrive at a place and Satan does not want to leave, I always step over him. I am a dream coach,
businesswoman, wife, mother, friend, expert in fishing hearts, lawyer of those who they have no home, teacher, a person who makes a difference, a force for good, a challenger of adverse circumstances ..., And a fun, courageous and humble woman!

I identify with the highest elements of myself, and consider those facets of mine that are not yet perfect as an opportunity for growth, rather than as defects in my character.
You and I need to broaden our point of view about who we are.
We need to be sure that the labels that we put on ourselves are not limits, but stimuli, that we add to everything that is already good within ourselves, because what we begin to identify with will be that in which
that we become That is the power to believe in God.

"If we all do the things we are capable of doing,
we would literally amaze ourselves. "

Due to my commitment to the constant expansion of my ability to appreciate all aspects of life, I am always pursuing unique references. I did go to the hospital, I decided to visit the morgue, I experienced a great life transformation.
I went there because a friend convinced me that, in order to understand life, we must first understand the
death. He made us sit @mariela, and me, and we He warned us not to say a single word during the experience. «Simply, let happen, "he told us." See what feelings come up, and I'll talk about them later about that. "

When we did not know what was waiting for us, we followed the doctor nervously and descended the stairs. He led us to the section of unclaimed bodies, where most of the remains belonged to homeless people who lived on the street. Pulling the first metal drawer and running - the zipper of the plastic bag, I felt a sudden shudder that ran through me. body. There was this "person" with me, in spite of which I felt immediately impressed by the feeling of emptiness. As I opened each of the drawers, the excitement once again seized me:

There is no one here. The body is here, but there is no person. Moments after death, these people weighed the same as when they still tied with life, but what they were, the essence of who they were, was really no longer there. We are not our bodies. When we die, there is no doubt that what is missing is the intangible, the identity without weight, that essence of life that some call spirit. I think it is equally important to remember, while we are still alive, that we are not our bodies. Neither are we our past, nor our behaviors of the moment.

This experience gave me an incredible sense of gratitude for the blessed gift of life. Suddenly, I thought of people who had great physical challenges and he told me:
"Oh, they do look healthy." There is nothing like a small contrast to remember how lucky we are.
"We are not human beings who are having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings who are having a human experience. " Our identity is the cornerstone of that experience. I believe that our true identity is something indefinable and much greater than anything we can describe. We are soul; we are spirit. Remembering who we really are, puts everything in its proper perspective, right? Once we act with the knowledge that we are spiritual beings, we will not let ourselves be trapped by all the little games that separate us from each other.
We all know, with a deep conviction, that we are truly connected with all of creation.

"Each one of us inevitable; each of us unlimited; each one of us with his right on Earth; each of us with the permission of meanings eternal of the Earth; each of us here, as divinely as anyone who
I can be here. "

That's why there are times, you connect with someone who is anchored to your spirit, and you can not explain yourself, I have the answer, God unites spirit, ministries to fulfill purposes.

The next time you see yourself saying to yourself, "I could never do that" or "That's not me," take a moment to consider the impact of what you are saying. Have you limited Your concept of yourself? In this case, take advantage of all the opportunities presented to you to expand your identity. Get to do those things you do not think you can do, and use your new actions as a reference that gives you a sense of certainty which is more than he thinks he is.
Begin to ask yourself: "What else can I be? What else will I be? What am I becoming now? Think about your list of values ​​and dreams, and commit to that regardless of the circumstances, "I will act firmly as a person who is already achieving those goals. I will breathe that way. I will move like that. I will respond to others in that way. I will treat people with the kind of dignity, respect, compassion and love with which that person would do it. "My God has shown me things that will happen to me, but I know that from all of them I will be victorious, Satan will use your darts to stop, lie, defame you, but God brings everything to light.

If we decide to think, feel and act as the kind of person we want to be, we will become that person. We will not be behaving simply "like" that person; but we will be that person.
Now you are at a crossroads. This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you can ever make. Forget your past. Who are you now?
Who has decided what is really now? Do not think about who it was. Who is right now? Who have you decided to become? Take this decision consciously. Take it with Carefully, powerfully.

God bless you always,

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Certainly God has given us power to change any situation, but the identity of who we are prevails over time, we can not limit our ability to search for everything we have dreamed, because we have to know that we are loved by God, that we are his children , that we have a mission and an identity that allows us to value ourselves and evaluate ourselves in God's purpose for our life.We have a great potential given by God that we have to develop
Excellent message @darlenys01.
God bless you

We'll always reinvent ourselves when we are conscious of renewing our minds in God's words. Thanks M a for sharing.

When I talk about creating a new "I" it does not mean that you are going to change the person you are, but that you will create a person that is no longer in that stage that was finished.
Life is a constant change, and it is not bad to reinvent yourself as many times as you want. If we did not have the capacity to reinvent ourselves our life would be an endless routine. Wonderful message apostle @darlenys01.

There is power to rejuvenate us like the eagle, the word says it clearly, within us there is great potential.

Very significant teaching @darlenys01, actually the power is within ourselves.

In my opinion, most of the time it happens as an automatic process that arises as a result of the reaction to a situation.

Without change there is stagnation, that is a fact, change is necessary to grow; However, it is also true that few things generate so much anxiety, fear and uncertainty in most human beings; even more if it is a high impact change such as reinventing ourselves in any aspect of life; that fear of the unknown that makes us doubt and invites us to stay in the place to which we are accustomed. Excellent message @darlenys01.

Reinventing yourself is a step that can be driven fundamentally for two reasons: by necessity or by your own decision; In either case, the intentionality and definition of objectives is decisive for a positive outcome of the process; Although the process of "reinventing" is often related to "actualizing", they do not necessarily mean the same thing. With the power of the Holy Spirit we are able to achieve what we want.

You are expert @darlenys01 in adventures, in reinventing yourself, you can fall but we have been tetsigo as God sustains you, good message, excellent reflection.

The mind is such that as we grow physically, it has to also grow to increase your God given knowledge. So, in societies, it is assumed that any grown up person knowledgeable, but this is not hundred percent true. However, as the world is moving we should grow and expand in our knowledge to meet the current economic growth.