Children's dining room as a social inclusion strategy in Venezuela (Bread from Heaven)

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This program (Bread from Heaven) aims to show an analysis of the strategy of children's dining rooms as a policy of social inclusion for the poorest and most vulnerable society in Venezuela, such as children of school age.

Social action is conceived as a mechanism to generate necessary intervention strategies in overcoming poverty, social inclusion is also presented as the interaction between individuals who share common interests.

As a technique and instrument for gathering information, the survey for the realization of the initial diagnosis and the interview semi-structured for the realization of the subsequent analyzes. He The process through which this investigation was carried out was determined by three phases, a first diagnosis or information collection, a second one
systematization and finally, a phase of analysis and reflection on reality found.

Finally, the results of the information include some recommendations for the formulation of programs, for operationalization of the same and for the profession of Social Work.

Know the integral plan of this children's dining room to eradicate malnutrition and strengthen social cohesion

A child who suffers malnutrition today, in the future will be an adult at a physical, social and productive disadvantage in relation to the rest of the population. Hence the importance of addressing the problem in the school stage, one of the most important stages of development.

Malnutrition is mostly present in the economically most vulnerable communities of society. Many of the children, belonging to these communities, report to school in the morning without having breakfast, affecting their performance throughout the day.

Children's dining room

It is a space where children who do not have the necessary resources can attend their meals, with the aim of reducing malnutrition rates in this sector of the population.

In the next few days we will be announcing the day of the official inauguration of "bread from heaven" that will take place in the State of Anzoaetgui-Venezuela.
Preparing for this moment we will all be contributing our knowledge, logos, promotion in social networks, people interested in participating in these activities can contact the email:
It will be enabling communication via whatsapp for better time management.
The information will be kept updated through the website.

We thank in a special way all the people who are involved with this wonderful project. Our brothers from @steemchurch, @sc-v, @sirknight, @pennsif with their project @adollaraday.

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we all pray for this beautiful project, which will bring blessing for many children

Great and innovative work of supporting these young needy one, for God love those who open their hands for those who do not have, like orphans, widows and thse i poverty. Thanks once againg for kindness.

It will be a magical day to see so many children receive a gesture of love. God bless every day this sister program Darlenys!

Excellent information my dear apostle @darlenys01, all to work in panm del cielo, for those children of Venezuela!

Simply beautiful what is happening in steemchurch and in Venezuela, the mercy of God is on that town. Thanks @sirknight for being a good leader and @darlenys for being that brave who does not stop at anything!

The moment came apostle @darlenys01 for this hour you were born, the power of the living God over you.

I like the order and the dedication you give in each of your tasks apostle Darlenys, God goes before you, and in front of @sirknight, they were chosen to carry this vision!

I congratulate you sister Darlenys! My Venezuela needs many warriors like you! I will be watching the opening date to see if I can attend!

The means of communication available to the public in this publication allow us the cohesion among all the brothers to voluntarily contribute ideas on the subject.


congratulations high priest. I will be available to work on bread from heaven, I just hope they publish the date

excellent work @ darlenys01 is gratifying to know that steemit can reach out to help the needy.

Felicidades por su exelente trabajo

I would like to participate in some way, soon I will be contacted through the means that are enabled for it, the harvest is great and the workers few .... I want to be a worker in the work of our God.

I feel proud to know that there is an apostle who will bring blessings to many children. I would like you to see my post, I did it referring to you and your great work.

Pan del cielo, interesting program. His glorious operation is expected by the overwhelming help of school children that will help their development and growth. Nutrition plays an important role in childhood. When things come from God, everything must work with love, dedication and a lot of effort. I am willing to support and contribute to the success of this program. The good leader assumes and delegates responsibilities in the midst of such demanding tasks. Blessings, apostle.

Thanks for the information, good explanation, join us in this project, since we must help children in the present so that they can enhance our country's future. Great project darlenys01

God blesses every step they take. You are an example of struggle, inspiration. From victory to victory, tell your plans to God and he will show you the way to go. a hug full of blessings @darleys01 @sc-v, @sirknight, @pennsif @adollaraday.

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