Bread from Heaven,Support Program For Child Nutrition

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Bread from heaven is a project of life born in the heart of God for this time. Venezuelan children are going through hard times, there is a high index of malnutrition.

We want to join forces to have healthy children with a better future.

Capture: It will be done through the control of the child's weight and height.
Interviews: Investigate the socioeconomic causes of families, stability of ties, eating habits of children and identification of the reasons why the child needs to attend the dining room.

Recovery: The recovery of the children will be carried out through programmed controls which will be supervised by nutritionists, pediatricians, and trained personnel.

Goal: That is to see all those children who initially started with a problem of malnutrition and then see them healthy and healthy, there is no greater achievement and greater reward than the smile of a healthy child.


1.- Use kitchen in situ

In order to control each and every one of the foods with which you work in the kitchen and how to prepare them, it is recommended to use the kitchen system in situ, so that all food must be prepared and handled in the kitchen from the center itself. With this system food safety is guaranteed and at the same time it is possible to offer a quality and diversity of menus that no other system allows today.

2.- Make the menu according to the profile of the diners

In order to meet the nutritional needs of children, it is recommended to design the profile of the diner according to their age, sex, and taking into account the gastronomic peculiarities of each region.

3.- Establish the food sequence according to each age group

That is, to assign to each day of the week some products and quantities that each of those foods should be consumed. This plan is based on the nutritional pyramid, which allows a healthy, balanced diet rich in carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables and proteins for each of the diners, always backed by a team of dieticians and nutritionists experts in the field.

4.- Elaborate the menu in collaboration with the associations of mothers and fathers.

In short, it is the people, in addition to the parents, who best know the tastes and needs of the children, and the best partners to adapt the Food Plan (which guarantees the correct dietary and nutritional balance) with the specific tastes of each region.

5.- Make specific menus for special diners

The dining room service should be able to offer from soft diets to cure gastric infections to diets for diabetics, celiac and allergic to any type of ingredient.

6.- Eat some complementary food.

7.- The dining room is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the hygienic and behavioral habits of children.

Teach the importance of hygiene from a very early age. For this reason, it is advisable to instruct students to adopt and promote hygiene and behavioral habits, also ensuring proper oral hygiene.

8.- Keep parents informed

The preparation of the menu does not end with the food offered in the dining room, but equally important, or more, is to inform the parents of the food followed by their children. The advice and recommendations to the parents allow that they can adapt the dinner as an effective complement to the lunch of each day, according to the Food Plan.

Steemchurch Venezuela has encouraged an entire social movement in the country, in churches in favor of the most unprotected groups, mainly girls, children in extreme poverty. Through the connectivity and the link between the links actions in education, recreation and feeding have been promoted.

With an ironclad commitment and a vision of leadership, led by @sirknight has decided to undertake this social program, with the intention of promoting participation with a strong push to campaigns that seek to rescue children in street situation and social risk.

It aims to nurture the children of Venezuela, contributing to its optimal development by creating fixed or mobile dining rooms. We present a proposal for recovery and revaluation of children who lack a family guide, are in a street situation or some other social risk. We wish to motivate the implementation of similar projects among other social circles. Design a methodological proposal of social intervention and an innovative and alternative pedagogical method for children.

The official inauguration of bread from heaven will be theSaturday, September 22, 2018 in the city of Puerto La Cruz, State of Anzoategui. In the next few days the schedule of activities will be published, with the exact address of the activity.

Our contacts available for volunteers, questions, suggestions or any other information:
whatsapp: + 58-4265810831

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This is amazing and perfect work plan, I know God is using you sister @darlenys01. I know God is pleased with you ma.

Hebrews 13:16
And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.


Thank you @dwayne1 for your beautiful words, I believe that God is happy with all of us who conform @steemchurch, you are part of all this, I am only going to place a step for anyone who wishes to advance in what God desires for his children.

I am with you all the way my dear sister. Such as I have, give I thee! I know how to pray! I truly care! More important this is a God assignment and He has gone ahead of you and prepared this Good Work. Forbid them not, for such is the kingdom of God. Working on similar things here. I am happy Steem Church and @sirknight is giving this their focus!
Blessing! Te mando abrazos y amor! Saludos!


Thank you Daddy William, you do not know how your words give me strength, I know that you are an instrunment of God here on earth, God is with us.Your prayers are received by our father.I love you!


Wow! Your reply has brought me to tears! Te amo!

we pray for this ignauguration and ask for the support in prayer to all parishioners of @steemchurch, and may God manifest his glory in this beautiful project


greetings apostol, how have you been? Can I support that day?


Hello @lisbethperez961, of course yes, in the message leave my whatsapp number, when you want to know information, I will be available.

We are happy, thank you @darlenys01, thanks @sirknight for all the work you are doing together.

The goodness of God is great! He likes the initiatives that favor the unassisted, soon many sad faces in the children will be changed into joy. The inauguration will be a great blessing!

Dear sister @Darlenys01, this is an elaborate feasiblity and an effective preparation. Thank you for availing your time, energy and knowledge resources for this. Heaven has signed Saturday, September 22, 2018 which has become a day in history to remember for #heavenbread project.

One thing you did't include an account for possible support and donations.

Good instructions sister Darlenys! It is good to keep in mind the daily diet, foods and nutrients of all the groups, that is, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, proteins, dairy products, fats and sugars. You have to find the right balance to provide the child with what you need, you should not abuse fats and sugars, but they can not be eliminated from the diet since, among other things, they contain a lot of energy that the child needs, when consuming large amounts of the same in his daily life.

To the expectation of that inauguration, many children will feel hope!

I am acquiring utensils with the support of my wife to activate us and be part of this great project, in my penultimate publication I show a drink proposal and the container that we got, tomorrow in the morning I will contact her by phone to expand details and exchange information and data .

I'm praying for this sister program Darlenys! God is with you and everything will be a success.

excellent information friend would like to be in the opening and collaborate.

a great greeting to the distance, that this event is blessed and fabulous for many young people. I congratulate you

will there be any way to help? I want to attend the event, to be able to work on anything I can.

bread from heaven It will be something unprecedented in our history, thanks to this great team, @sirknight and @ darlenys01.

Excellent message apsotle @darlenys01, we hope for this beautiful work that great day.

This is indeed a strategic plan that our Sis has developped, we have to all join hands. Thanks for this beautiful write up.

Fabulous ... I have no words to describe what God is doing in steemchur-venezuela through our beloved apostle @ darlenys01-sirknight.
¡Glory to God!

The hand of God will wash away many faces that have left the smiles behind, many children will be won for the kingdom with this beautiful work, the hand of God is with a new project