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"Naboth the Jezreelite had a vineyard in Jezreel, which bordered the palace of Ahab, king of Samaria. He told Naboth:

-Give me your vineyard to make me a garden of vegetables, since it is so close to my palace. In exchange for it I will give you a better vineyard or, if you prefer, I will pay you what it is worth.


But Naboth replied:

-The Lord forbids me to sell to His Majesty what I inherited from my ancestors. "

Naboth said: "I do not sell it to you because this vineyard was given to me by my father".

There are people who want to "plant lettuce" for you to sell your vineyard, but you have to value the things you inherited from God!

Naboth said to him: "Everything that God has given to us is given to us and we are going to leave it to our children. His Presence has to pass to our offspring. "

The grapes represent what is written in John chapter 15, Jesus before going to the cross said:

"I am the vine and you are the branches, if you connect with me and I with you they will have fruit".

Fruit is what God gives you to be united with him. That communion with Him is what gives you the fruit.

The intimacy of God that is revealed to you is glory. Your life will be empty until it connects with the intimacy of God. When the glory touches you, everything is transformed.

That is why Ahab wanted to take the vineyard from Naboth, because he was a man who lived in defeat, he did not enjoy the glory that every king should have, he was moved by a bad spirit, because what did he need to want to buy the vineyard from his neighbor? , or "give it another better"?

A Spanish writer said: "Envy is a thousand times more terrible than hunger, because it is spiritual hunger." Ahab simply wanted to have what the other had and he was missing.

It is time to affirm our face, to be like a stone, to have a stone face means that, whatever happens, we go straight to our dream and nothing and nobody, will distract us and much less will take it away from us.

Ahab represents those who possess everything, except the favor of God:

They are people who are annoying, who put themselves at fault, who invade the lives of others, who want to gossip, they talk about others, they do not see what you are seeing; They have problems with everyone. They are the ones who come to kill you, they are the legalists, the scoundrels who are looking for something in your life to condemn you and if they do not find it, they will invent it.
Of every twelve people there is a Judas. Out of every twelve you will be betrayed but there are eleven who will love you.

They are those who are attached to the manipulative people:

Ahab had a wife named Jezebel, whose character reflected the characteristics of what today we would call a psychopathic person; because this type of people has a lasting and persistent violent behavior, impulsivity without control, without feelings, instills fear, alarming disregard for the rights of others, desire for immediate satisfaction, absence of guilt, are vengeful. The other person's attributes are removed to value it as a thing.

Jezebel said to her husband, "What problem do you have, if you are the king of Israel?" "You have all the power, and Ahab is a poor guy, let me solve the problem right away." She herself was responsible for raising a false accusation against Naboth to be stoned, and thus Ahab could keep the vineyard.

Get away from the abusive people. Jesus said to Lazarus, "Come out," and when he came out he said, "Untie him."

There are people who have bandaged you and sent you to the grave but there is someone bigger who will come to your grave to run the stone and God has appointed new, wonderful people who will untie you, who will bless you and say to you: «You can» .

Do not fear, the victimizers are under your feet:

Do not become the victim of anyone. "It's that he bothered me": When you decide that someone bothers you, you are a slave to the one who bothered you; When you hate someone, you are a slave to the one you hate. That is why Jesus said: "I have blessed those who curse you." Do not hate it because if you are not under it, that is why when someone is offended, the offended person is under the authority of the offender and no one is a victim on earth. No one can have the ability to control you unless you give him control; Joy is not lost, it is given; you decide to be happy; you decide what you are going to think, what you are going to feel; do not put yourself in victim because if the other provoked you, then you are under the authority of your master.

The grapes: they represent what God only gives you in your communion with Him, the true fruit of the spirit. Never forget that He said: "I am the vine and you are the branches. Whoever remains in me, and I in him, this one will bear much fruit "


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@clicket, me encanta estas palabras: " Hay personas que te vendaron y te enviaron a la tumba, pero hay alguien más grande que vendrá a tu tumba para ejecutar la piedra y Dios ha designado a personas nuevas y maravillosas que te desatarán, te bendecirán y te dirán: "Usted puede" . Amén y amén a esas palabras.
Mensaje de reflexión muy motivador.