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How long, O Jehovah, will I cry, and you will not hear; and I will cry out to you because of the violence, and you will not save?
Why do you make me see iniquity, and make you see trouble? Destruction and violence are before me, and strife and contention arise.
Therefore the law is weakened, and the judgment does not go according to the truth; because the ungodly besieges the righteous, that is why justice is twisted.
Habakkuk 1: 2-4


God is good, there's no doubt about that, right?

And what I want to share is that I think that, like me, many of us have thought so many things, when we see so many injustices around us, so much hypocrisy, doubts about situations that displease us, in which we do not understand why they happen, but something we should to know and is that God sees everything, and there is nothing that does not happen by His will, things that seem unfair to us and make us doubt their purpose in each one of us.

All those situations that bother us, all those things that we see, God knows why and what they are for. Because his thoughts are not ours, because HE is the owner of everything, and we should not question it.

God does things the way he wants, he distributes his blessings to those who deserve it and who does not; because that is his grace, his mercy, even when there are people who do not do his will.

Personally I came to wonder why there were so many injustices, but God always arrives at the precise moment, as he knows how to do it, in the best style of a just God; He arrives and speaks through his word full of life and says: Wait! I am not unfair, I am slow to anger, do not judge, because I give opportunities to all.

And that is when his word comes and refreshes us, and in all the situations that happen to us, a sweet response comes from HIM.

God is not unjust, God is revenge, even if we see people who hurt us within the same church. God is just, and he does not miss anything, because he defends his children from those injustices that sometimes we do not understand because they happen to us.

But do not forget that our Lord Jesus was humiliated, and his father after all that, he paid tribute, and I leave the Pharisees silent who committed INJUSTICE with him.

So when you do not understand anything that happens around us, go to his word, run to it, because his word refreshes me, cleanses me and gives wisdom, asking God to have patience.

Feign now the wickedness of the wicked, but establish the righteous;
Because the just God tests the mind and the heart. Psalm 7: 9

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The word is living effective, it is like a spring that refreshes our spirit and gives rest to the soul.