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Sometimes I feel that we live in a world of emotions in which the spiritual can not emerge because the emotional hinders everything.


We are little by little getting used to the emotional rather than the spiritual, we go to the Church as we go to a social club to see our friends, to talk with them, to sing in a mechanical way songs that we do not even understand or do not feel from deep in our being sing, we hear messages full of beautiful words but not spiritual, with large amounts many times of small jokes to make preaching more enjoyable instead of developing a message that really motivates people to walk with Jesus.

We want to turn the Gospel into something fun and little by little we lose our passion for God, that passion that leads us to change our way of life, that passion that leads us to give all of us for love of God, for love of his work , for love of lost souls.

Every day is less the people that we win for Christ and many that we lose even though they always attend the Churches. And there are many who attend churches but are not necessarily living a life that really pleases God. Most of us left the Church almost as we entered, all because we have turned the spiritual into emotional.

We laugh, we cry, we jump, we scream and we even fall while we are in the Church, but on Monday when we go out into the real world we are emotional and not spiritual people, people who in the Church can do everything but in the outside world we do nothing , people who mourn the seas in the ministry of Sunday service, but the next day we are acting worse and worse knowing that what we do is wrong before God.

What is the use of being emotional if I have forgotten to be spiritual?
I am not against laughing, crying, jumping or doing anything moved mostly by emotions, but I am sad to admit that we have stopped being spiritual, we have stopped loving God as He deserves it, we have stopped to serve him in the way we should do and worst of all: we have stopped evangelizing and winning others for Christ.

If we do not do something soon we will end up losing ourselves on the way, we are choosing short, wide and easily accessible roads, but we are leaving aside the narrow path that Christ pointed out to us that we should walk.

Let's go back !, Let's wake up !, it's time to realize that little by little we have stopped being spiritual to become emotional, it's time to return to the point where we deviate at some point in life and start walking again from the As Christ wants us to walk, it is time to feel that real passion for God, that passion that moved you to be willing to do everything for God, that passion that made you forget your needs to watch over the work of God.

It's time to stop focusing on us and begin to see God again, it's time to stop asking for so many things and begin to be obedient to his Word and then, only then, will all things begin to change, because God blesses those who care about their affairs, for in worrying about the affairs of God, He begins to worry about our affairs.

Stop being emotional and become spiritual again, because always, always, you will always have more profit, even when everyone criticizes you, because you will never do something for God without being criticized, but the satisfaction of pleasing God will always be greater than the satisfaction of pleasing to people by simple emotion.

Spiritual or emotional? You choose!
"You are living stones that God is using to build a spiritual temple. Therefore, approach Jesus Christ, for he is the living stone that people despised, but that God chose as the most valuable stone. In addition, you are special priests, and through Jesus Christ you will offer to God the sacrifices that he likes. "
1 Peter 2: 4-5 (Translation in current language)

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Truly as Christians we need to live a spiritual life, for God is spirit and He needs people who live in the spirit to pour out His glory.
Thanks for sharing @clicket.