Lesson 45: Don't let your faith get blocked

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Greetings and blessings to the entire Steemchurch community.

In the Scriptures we find in the book of Hebrews 3: 6

But Christ as Son over his house, what a house we are, if we stand firm until the end, we trust and glory in hope.

Notice clearly that the word mentions ourselves as the house of Christ. That is, that each believer is the room of Christ, but he makes an observation, and that each of us as the house of Christ must remain until the end of the race believing in Christ (if we maintain trust until the end). )

Trust is practically synonymous with faith. Faith is trusting God. We trust that God keeps his promises. Faith simply means knowing that if God is going to do something, then He will do it. This is our trust in Him, who will do what he promises. He may not be seeing what God has promised him, but faith tells us that God will do it, and it will happen in his time and not ours, because we trust him.

When you are waiting for something from God and then receive it, it seems that you no longer need faith, because you have already received it, as God promised. Now is when we must trust Him more and continue to persevere in our faith until the end of the race and remain as the house of Christ.

On this walk with Christ there is an important factor that can interrupt your faith, and you are the enemy of doubt.
The manifestation of doubt and lack of faith are associated with the lies and falsehoods that Satan seeks to inject into our minds to the extent that we expect the fulfillment of a promise. The enemy sows doubts to produce discouragement and discontent. That is why the Word urges us to trust Christ until the end, because during the course of our faith race, the enemy is cunning and will seek by all means to interrupt the faith so that we do not reach the goal.
The enemy will cause us not to believe in God's promises, but we must continue and move forward without fainting, even when it seems that everything is against us. In Christ, we can stand firm, because we are the house of Christ and Christ dwells in us, which gives us the strength and confidence to look to God and not to the people or circumstances that surround us.

At the end of our career we will glory in Christ, which is our hope.

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Well you say @carli20, "trust is practically synonymous with faith. Faith is trusting God." Certainly trust generates faith. DTB