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One morning about a month ago I was looking at the balcony of my house - and there, well hidden among the leaves of a fern hanging from the ceiling, I discovered the beginnings of a small nest. Paying more attention, I saw a pigeon going and coming back, bringing sticks and dry twigs and building a well-formed dovecot. The next day, everything was still: the dove was already sitting in the nest. When he flew for a moment, I went and looked - and there were already two white eggs lying in the nest.


For many days, maybe 15, I was watching the nest, the dove and the two eggs. Every day, all day and all night, I saw the pigeon sitting in its nest, almost without moving, waiting while they incubated the eggs, patiently warming them, faithfully protecting their future pigeons. From time to time he would get up, open his wings, stretch, and with his beak it seemed that he was turning the eggs - but soon he would settle, and again he would remain still. What patience, what serenity, what ability to release everything and concentrate calmly on the task of the moment!

Isn't God, our heavenly Father, like that with us? Zephaniah 3:17 says: “Jehovah is in your midst, mighty, he will save; he will rejoice over you with joy, he will be silent with love, he will rejoice over you with songs. ”Our Lord is present in our midst, is powerful to protect and save, is quiet and patient in His love, and delights in us with joy and with songs. Much more than the pigeon with its pigeons.

One day, I saw that the dove saw or heard something, or simply felt a menacing presence. He didn't abandon the nest to fight, but I saw that he stretched up as high as he could, inflated, and opened and spread his wings. In that position, she remained completely still, in a state of alert, ready to defend and protect her youngsters. Only when I was sure that the threat was gone, I saw that he relaxed and settled back into the nest.

This is how our Heavenly Father takes care of us, keeps us and protects us. Psalm 91: 1-4 says: “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will dwell under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to Jehovah: my hope, and my castle; My God, whom I will trust. He will deliver you from the hunter's tie, from the destructive plague. With his feathers he will cover you, and under his wings you will be sure… ”In the shadow of the wings of the Most High God there is shelter and abode, there is shelter and protection. We can be completely sure in his lap - when we invoke Him, when we put our love in Him, when we wait and trust Him (vs. 15,14,2).

I really like the song of Jesus Adrian Romero, called “In Him I am Sure”, based precisely on this Psalm 91. Here is the link on YouTube, and the lyrics for you to enjoy and sing with him.

He will cover me with his wings
My hope in Him is
My roads are protected
In Him I find security

Because I trust my God and my King
As a warrior that covers my being
Will free me from the hunter's tie
He is my shield and my salvation

In Him I am sure
I will be confident
Under your wings there I will dwell
My refuge is He
I will stand
Because I trust my God and my King

A thousand will fall by my side
And ten thousand at my right hand
More will not come to me
He is my shield and my strength.



There is nothing man can do if it is God who protects us, we are the beloved of his soul!

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