Know Who You Have Believed

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Maybe it's happening right now through a torrent of tests. You understand me when I say that the sky looks like bronze. You know what repeated falls are. You have waited and waited for an answer to your prayers. They have served him a chalice of affliction.


Nothing and no one can reach that need of his heart!
Once, after talking to some friends about the trials and difficulties, a woman approached me and said:

  • This morning when I arrived at the church, I entered pretending happiness and unconcern. But when the pastor spoke of the chalice of suffering, I started crying. I realized that it was simply a facade. My husband abandoned me, and my home is in great anguish. I had to cover everything up. But now I know: I'm being invaded!
    That woman was broken before the Lord. I prayed with her that God would keep her faith strong, and she came out with true joy of the Lord in her heart.

When a man or a woman hungers for God, the enemy forces will rush with great fury against that person. Actually, there is a difficult time of shaking for the children of God. But that believer can stand up and say: "Even though I am going through trials and difficulties, even though all these forces are prepared against me, 'I know who I have believed, and I am sure it is powerful to keep my deposit for that day' ( 2 Timothy 1:12). "
That is the time to take your place! It is not necessary that you are in a position to laugh or rejoice, because at that moment you may not have any happiness. Actually, there may be confusion in your soul. But you can know that God is still with you, because the Scripture says: "The Lord presides over the flood, and the Lord sits as a king forever" (Psalm 29:10).
Soon you will hear his voice: Do not be scared, do not panic. Just keep your eyes fixed on me. Give everything to me. And you will have the certainty that you are still the object of the incredible love of the Lord.


@abordo2000. Our forces are sustained in God when we truly have conviction in whom we have believed.

Total surrender brings joy in any season.
Preach excellent message.