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And we know that those who love God, all things work together for good, that is, to those who are called according to their purpose. "
Romans 8:28

Yes dear brother everything happens because God has purposes for you, I know that there are times when you do not understand why you have to go through hard times, because of difficult situations, but in those moments it is when you must remember that everything is for good because you are a son and daughter of God, He loves you and you love Him because He is your Father, you have been called by Him, you are a chosen one and as you are, He has plans for you life, remember that the will of God is good, nice and perfect, your life is in your hands, He has control, but what you do not understand is that you have to know how to wait, trust and believe that God will answer you, believe that God will manifest in your problem, difficulty or illness, because He is greater than any of these situations.

Maybe it is hard for you to understand that everything that happens to you will be good for you because you are not seeing through your spiritual eyes, you are not looking beyond, instead God sees beyond, God sees the great future that awaits you. Ask him today so you can see through his eyes.

God is preparing you so that when the time is right to receive your blessings you are ready, you have to go through that process no matter how painful it may seem, because this is a stage of growth and learning for your life, you are a jewel that now is being polished to get the highest shine that you have, you are a vessel that is now being molded by its creator so that the result is a unique and beautiful vessel, which is distinguished from the others.

Everything you are going through will have a good result, God has everything solved, He is in control, do not despair or be discouraged, try to stay optimistic, God is not going to give you such a big load that you can not stand, you have the strength and courage to keep going, God is with you.

Remember that everything you are going through now is for your good, everything will be solved, good things will come for you, just wait in the Lord, trust more in Him, believe in His promises because they are true, He does not lie.


Knowledge and insight is a very strong foundamentals to build a strong Christian faith thanks for sharing with us.