Loving with Action. Happy Birthday Tebi and Precious. We love you big time.

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Its a great time celebrating one of our fellow ministers Tebi and Precious.

Its was their birthday and showing them great love. The night was full of joy with cake cutting.

Birthdays are one of those times to love on some one. We are a family and live as a family.

Its worth and very necessary to do this. Love with action is what our master calls it.

These are a few messages from a few shiners about the babies of the day!

Precious honey you know, I love your strokes and smile, person of people so outgoing, I love all your strokes and I love it more when you worship😄 you got a strong voice over there, my precious ointment, expensive you are, my roarer🙃🙃 my sister, kawala Ka mzee, baby wa mummy, love love you, happy happy Birthday pepi🤗🤩🥰

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God bless Tebi and Precious on their birthday. May they live to see more prosperous years ahead.

Happy birthday dear Precious and Tebi.

May you be perfected in Christ.

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Amen. Thanks child of God

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