Steemit Big Guys Meme Contest : A Big Guy Drops His Entry

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For anyone who is not a major participant of the Steemit Nigeria community, the full depth of this meme contest might not be understood

This contest was birthed from a discussion about Steemit community on a Whatsapp group and now it has led to a full blown creation and sharing of memes that has left a lot of people reeling with laughter

Trust Nigerians to add spice to anything. It is on occasions like this that brings me joy that I am a Nigerian. We never let our troubles rob us of our joy

The term "Big Guys" comes from the perception that there are certain overlords here on Steemit who has total control over how the experience of the "Small Guys" on this platform pans out

Even though that there are variables which make this Idealogy seem true. I beg to disagree

I believe that everyone has the power to determine how their experience on this platform plays out. Sweet or Sour it is solely in your hands

No one on this platform has the power to determine how your personal brand plays out. It is entirely up to You

We all have chances and time to become a "Big Guy" , it is what you make do with those chances and time that determines how you end up

Sometimes it may require you to do the right thing even it may make the Big Guys dislike You, in all life we all have our equal share of chances where it becomes important to do the right thing, and always do well to do It

It will make some Love you and also make others hate you, and even though they may not be bold enough to say it out , some will secretly come and praise you for standing up for the right thing and proclaim their deep respect for you

We are on a platform where there is a lot of Politics and mini squabbles, but if you want to be a Big Guy at the end of the day, always stand for the truth

With that said, let me roll out my three entires for the contest, we are here to have fun afterall

Entry One

Steemit babes practicing how to kiss Big Guys at SIN2.png

The picture is a bit blurry, but I believe that the message is Clear

Entry Two

Big guys when they see newbies plagiarizing.png

There is always that Steemian who is a post away from @steemcleaners Blacklist

Entry Three

When a big guy comments on your post but does not upvote it.jpg

Aside from flags, i don't think that there is anything as painful as this to someone who invested time to write a good post

Thanks for dropping by. I Hope you had Fun

Memes designed on Nike Ad Creator and Canva

Your Favourite Big Guy @ogochukwu

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Big boy meme, gone viral...
Though this was made for fun, this post carries a message of truth and encouragement...

Big boys challenge get more fun.. .
Nice memes @ogochukwu


Thanks for dropping by @gloxypearl. I am happy my entry encouraged You.

Nice post. Hit the main .message. To stand for truth. Count me in as one of the big

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nailed it...
your head correct

Hahahahahaha, the last meme was the most wicked. LMAO 😂 😂 😂. The first follows and then the second comes last. Great. I think I'm going to join this contest too. 😎