SBDrebound and LuckyUpvote up to 75%

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Hello my Steemian friends, subscribers and everyone who peeps into my blog and upvotes my posts. You deserve more and I decided to make a gift for all of you.


Steem dollar is overvalued now about 6x times, so each post earns at least 2-3 times more SBD and I would like to share it to all of curators.

So starting from now I'm going to share with my upvoters up to 75% SBD received for posts tagged #SBDrebound or #LuckyUpvote.

50% SBD reward by post will be distributed among curators in accordance to upvote power of each curator. Then by script randomly will be selected lucky upvoter and he will be granted additionally by amount 5%-25% of total SBD reward by post.

There are two exceptions from payments:

  1. Small amounts less than 0.001 SBD will not be transferred due to Steem blockchain restriction.
  2. All prepaid upvotes like boosters, randowhales etc. will be ignored if I have prepaid
    corresponding service.

Please note that all of my followers will have more weight in the selection algorithm.

So follow me and do not miss my posts with tags #SBDrebound or #LuckyUpvote.

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nice post..thank you for shahring

As a follower of @followforupvotes this post has been randomly selected and upvoted! Enjoy your upvote and have a great day!

That is pretty awesome and very kind of you.
I really love this community and the people in it and how we all try to help each other.

Thank you for this kind of initiative, more people like that we need in this community. Success.

great news! thank you! :)

Refunds to curators for this post

joalvarez0.032 SBD
kotturinn0.028 SBD
dobartim0.024 SBD
elviento0.020 SBD
zouxx0.017 SBD
uadigger0.014 SBD
scooter770.012 SBD
spinner0.011 SBD
pioner8887770.011 SBD
sammie0.010 SBD
jamisa0.008 SBD
oxiecuador0.006 SBD
bammbuss0.003 SBD
followforupvotes0.003 SBD
zirochka0.002 SBD
Total SBD shared:0.202 SBD

Happy curator iiiis @jamisa !!!

Additional payment 14% is of total SBD

Happy curatorShared amountPrizeTotal win
jamisa0.008 SBD 0.059 SBD0.067 SBD