Great news Steem and SBD price are increased dramatically. Now SBD price is 1.00$ and Steem is 0.21$.

in #sbdpotato3 years ago

I have shared some pictures with you posting this post on the very good news. In the picture you will see that our steem and SBD have both increased in value which after about seven to eight months, I thought to be really comforting news.
Steam and SBD are two very important things for our Steemit platform. We usually have all of our transactions with Steam and SBD. Our chairs are very dependent on the steamer category. I think this is a big news because of their price rise on this Steemit platform.
Brother I shared with you I would expect steem and SBD at that previous price It would go back to its previous location and bring some good news for the general public like us. I have actually raised about a dollar to raise the price of many excitable steamers and steam prices have been good news from 21 cents I think I expect it to rise very soon as our bitcoin prices continue to rise.

Hey @sbdpotato do you know Steem and SBD price are increased.

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