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You're going down, potato pusher! We are gonna make curation great again. I will kill 1 potato hostage for every post you insist on creating. No more of this lazy man's curating. Don't care what purported economic premise you have concocted and whether it is in earnest or not. Disable curation rewards on these posts and know an investigation is coming.

The milk rebellion is upon you! Authors rise up!


Never gets old giphy 1.gif

Do a better job downvoting next time @ctime.

I suspect I know who you are, or at least what your angle is:
Screen Shot 20200125 at 4.44.59 PM.png

@ctime don't be shy. So, I reckon now with the 2nd flag, you dispute is based on a difference of opinion. I'm happy to entertain your ideas but you kind of have to communicate them first.

If you are confident in your position, by all means lay it out. Let's see if it's halfway intelligible or coherent. The ball is in your court.

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