lost his way..

Get lost in you,
And forget yourself.
Drown in a deep languor.
Caressing wind in the valley_
Penetration of burning pain.
A wild heart wandered in the fire,
Has overshadowed itself from verbal turbidity.
We talked about love around the world,
But in them only smoke,
The grayness of smooth pages,
Oppressing the sky.
Clear lines,
And tattered shards.
I accidentally suffered
on a squalid island of huge fences.
Without you! Without you! I'm suffocating!
How do you choke the salt beach.
Here, like a stranger among the slippery jellyfish,
Leaving forever under the water.
In the reflection of curves of mirrors
I feel chilling cold.
Everything is covered with crusts of ice.
Ahead is an iceberg.
I'm leaving, I'm leaving myself.
And to go mad so carelessly left.
The wild heart hid under the mane of a huge lion.
Their madness of passion is like a fiery lava crushing the shore.


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