By using the sbdgiveaway tag you are telling the community that you will transfer and pay for their upvote after your post pays out. You have posts that have paid out and you have not followed through. You are scamming the community. Please stop using the tag.

The whole 'sbdgiveaway' concept is a bad idea. Not only does this type of program encourage post, vote, and memo spam you are enabling this known group of scammers. Accounts linked to this group or giving funds to this group are being blacklisted by @spaminator to discourage their continued spam, general abuse and drain of the reward pool.

While you may genuinely want to share the rewards with your followers this isn't the way to do it. Please stop. I don't want to add accounts like yours to my blacklist for enabling or being part of the network of bots.

I just apologize. I just wanted to unleash my posts and did not know what sbdgiveaway is. It will not happen again!