Quick and Easy Convert SBD to BDT -- 17/04/2018.

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The SBD-Changer's services for Bangladeshi steemit members only.
We can buy/sell maximum of $10 SBD (everyday).
Steem Dollars Exchange System (Contact with Executive)

Payment Method: Steemit, bKash, Rocket.


When you'll sell dollar to us, then you'll get money according to below rates.
Basic Rate:- 1 SBD = 164.45 BDT (for Steem Dollar).
Basic Rate:- 1 STEEM = 178.75 BDT (for Steem).
Basic Rate:- 1 USD = 73.42 BDT (for PayPal).
Basic Rate:- 1 USD = 79.21 BDT (for Skrill).
Basic Rate:- 1 USD = 83.00 BDT (for Neteller).
Basic Rate:- 1 USD = 79.21 BDT (for Perfect Money).
Basic Rate:- 1 USD = 79.21 BDT (for Payza).
Basic Rate:- 1 USD = 75.00 BDT (for WebMoney).

Note:- Dollar rates up & down everyday.(17/04/18)

Hole Line. +880 1831 772 577. (Friday-Friday at 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM)

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