SBD, What are you doing??? $14??

in #sbd4 years ago

Wow... I wasn't expecting to see SBD at $14 this morning.

I guess the lesson here is to take rewards in 50/50 on your posts and maybe it needs a name change. 😁

Anyone have insight into what is causing this for SBD and not Steem?



Yea, situation is so dynamic, like 3h ago SBD was at ~6$ ;D I've heard that both Steem and Steem Dolar rise was caused by entering the Korean stock exchange, but I have no idea why SBD was pumped so much more than Steem.

I think we just have to take rewards in 50/50 on posts and don't care that much about prices ;D

Yeah. I guess I could see with the way crypto is on the run right now and getting added to a new exchange would boost the value but the difference between steem and SBD is still interesting.

Amazing how the SBD has shot up 😋

It is interesting. 🤔

Looks like we are back under $7 now.

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