Status of my research of economics of STEEM/SBD

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Progress has been slow these days. A lot of work doesn't help too much with my personal project.

Nevertheless, my plan is to prepare some simple examples using a spreadsheet. This would bring more pieces to the puzzle and hopefully a more clear view about how the impossible trinity works in this specific case.

Another posts that I considered useful are the following::

What is happening in reward pool?

Hearing the term "reward pool abuse" or "reward pool rape", it was a must for me to understand what is going on with the reward pool in real time.

For this a small script in Steem.js helped me.
Checking the Steem.js doc i have found following function :
Get Reward Fund
See more at @firedream 's post

TIL: How much STEEM is added to the reward pool per day?

As you probably know STEEM is an inflationary cryptocurrency. This means that, unlike Bitcoin, STEEM doesn't have a fixed supply. New STEEM is continually being created to reward authors, curators, witnesses and Steem Power holders. In order to calculate how much STEEM is added to the reward pool per day we must first understand how the inflation rate works. So let me explain...
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This is all for now. I hope to continue with this as soon as I can.


Dear friend @danielfs.

I really admire the work you are doing deciphering all that tangle of guidelines that appears in the whitepaper of the blockchain Steem.

I consider it a solid work and show your great perseverance.

I congratulate you, friend!

PS: I consider that you are the right person to clarify a doubt. Do you have any knowledge about how the reward is affected in steemit if changes are made to labels after receiving votes in a publication?
I appreciate your cooperation in advance.


Hi Juan

Thanks for your trust, however I'm not quite sure if changes in labels (tags) have an impact in reward calculation. As far as I know rewards depends mostly in upvotes/downvotes.

Thank you for being so attentive dear friend.

My question is motivated because I have noticed that, sometimes, when I have changed the labels, it seems to me that the accumulated reward obtained decreases.
I'm not totally convinced of this. Perhaps it is due to an adjustment for the price of the currency.
Anyway, it's not that important.

Thank you very much @danielfs.